Dr Oz: Holy Grail of Health & Healing

Doctor Oz spoke about the Holy Grail of Health and Healing!  Where is the Holy Grail of Health and Healing located?  How do you find it?  Dr Oz answered all of these questions, as always!

Dr Oz’s Holy Grail of Healing

Dr Oz is always talking about how to heal your body by reducing inflammation.  Many of the major health problems that we are afflicted by (and often die from) these days can be prevented, helped or at least slowed down by minimizing the amount of inflammation in your body.  Great, so how do we get rid of inflammation?  There are many thoughts including antioxidants and omega 3’s.  I personally go the route of taking an omega 3 supplement daily.  Doctor Oz has had a guest on his show mention that Krill Oil is the best omega 3 supplement option, because krill (which are essentially tiny shrimp) have a much lower mercury level than other fish.  So especially if you are a woman, breastfeeding or pregnant, I would suggest looking for an omega 3 supplement that is low in mercury (such as krill oil).

Dr Oz Holy Grail of Health

What else can we do to be healthy?  Love and be loved!  Dr Oz did a show where he said that people who love and receive love regularly are as happy as people who make $50,000 more per year.  That is a huge amount of happiness!  And happiness of course leads to good health because it helps to minimize stress.  Plus, who does not want to be happier and receive the maximum amount of love?  Maybe the hippies had it right after all!  Now the biggest problem is finding that special someone to love (and who will love you).  If you already have a loving spouse, lucky you!  Otherwise, you might want to make it a priority to go out and find a bit more love to add to your life!


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