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Dr Oz did a show to answer the question we all think about, especially at the beginning of a new year – How Healthy Are You?  Doctor Oz said that he spent the past month assembling a group of the best physicians in America to create a national quiz to assess our health.  By taking Dr Oz’s How Healthy Are You Quiz, you can forecast your health in 2011 and beyond.  Is this the year that you will get sick?  Is it possible you may have to go to the hospital? Could you even die?  Dr Oz said that there are very few surprises in medicine and that your body gives you warning signs, but you must be able to recognize them.  The Dr Oz How Healthy Are You Quiz is so important and has the potential to save many, many lives – so please make sure to pass on this article to all of your friends and loved ones!

Dr Oz’s How Healthy Are You Quiz:

Answer the following questions, and write down the number of points that you get for each of the questions below.  At the very end of the quiz, you will add up all of the points and check the chart below to determine how healthy you are. How Healthy Are You Quiz

Dr Oz Health Quiz: 1. Do You Wake More Than Twice a Night?

If you answered yes, add one point.  If you answered no, add no points.


  1. Jane Barnes says

    I cannot seem to find those 40 questions Dr. Oz mentioned taking today January 4 on the show.

  2. catherene says

    Some one told me that Dr Oz did a programme in which he said there were other things, other than lumps that women should check with regards to breast cancer. I missed that particular porgarmme, so i was wondering if you could let me know if my information is correct and, if it is when it was on, so i can check on it.

  3. Karl says

    Great Work Dr. Oz .. Keep up the Great Work of keeping us informed as well as providing us with important information to help us stay healthy longer to the day we expire.

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