Dr Oz: How To Remember Names & Everything Else with Joshua Foer


Dr Oz How To Remember Everything

Doctor Oz and Joshua Foer, US Memory Champion and author of Moonwalking With Einstein: The Art And Science of Remembering Everything, revealed Secrets To A Super Memory!  Memory can be a big stress for many of us when we forget things like a person’s name or where we put our keys.  But Joshua Foer has a bunch of memory tips to helps us remember everything from now on.  Dr Oz asked Foer what prompted him to compete to be a US Memory Champion.  He said that he was a science journalist and he went to the event and was shocked when the contestants all told him that they have an average memory but trained to do all of these memory activities.  Here are Dr Oz’s 3 common problems that people have with their memory and what Joshua Foer does to remember them.

Dr Oz: How To Remember Names

Doctor Oz said that many of us can’t remember the names of people, so Joshua Foer said that you need to try to associate the person’s name with someone like a celebrity and then do something to the person’s face to associate it with the name.  For Dr Oz Joshua Foerexample, if the person’s name was George Rosen, remember a celebrity like George Clooney with a rose in his mouth.  That way you will remember the first name from George Clooney and the last name from the rose.

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