Dr Oz: Inca Peanuts & Push-Ups: Swimsuit Slim Down Secrets

Dr Oz: Swimsuit Slim Down Secrets

Dr Oz brought three ladies back onto his show who weighed much more the last time he saw them.  Each lady had a Swimsuit Slim Down Secret including Inca Peanuts, Push-Ups and Fish!

Dr Oz: Inca Peanuts & Breast Enhancers

Dr O’z first guest was Nancy who lost over 200 pounds and now weighs 150 pounds, and this is after having a baby just six weeks ago.  Do you think that her Swimsuit Slim Down Secret was to eat Inca Peanuts or Pomegranate Seeds?  The answer is that Inca Peanuts help to control your appetite and have protein, so they helped her to shed her pounds.  Nancy said that it took her two years to lose all of her weight, and when you lose weight your breasts also become smaller.  So her other tip was to wear Breast Enhancers or little “Chicken Cutlets” that you put inside of your push-up bra to boost your breasts up, because bigger breasts make your waist look smaller.

Dr Oz: Push-Ups

Dr Oz’s second guest was Brooke who lost 100 pounds in one year.  She is 5’10” and now weighs 185 pounds, and she has very toned arms.  What do you think her Swimsuit Slim Down Secret was: doing Push-Ups or Bicep Curls?  Doctor Oz said that Push-Up’s help to tone your entire body, including the muscles in your arms.  Brooke gave another weight loss tip, which is that you should stick to your diet 6 days a week and have just one cheat day so that you do not feel deprived.

Dr Oz: Fish Diet

Dr Oz’s final guest, Holly, lost 98 pounds by eating which of the following Swimsuit Slim Down Secret foods: fish or tofu?  The answer is fish, which has essential fatty acids that are great for your skin and for weight loss.  Holly said that she also had tons of support from a team at work, including a lady named Paula who also lost 85 pounds.  Holly and Paula were nurses on the show that Dr Oz did about nurses who care about other people but do not take care of themselves (click here to read more about this segment: Dr Oz 6 Pack Meal Plan and this is the segment where he brought the nurses back to checkup on them: Dr Oz Nurse Diet).


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