Dr Oz: Internal Hemorrhoids Cure With Betty White “Hot In Cleveland”


Dr Oz: Betty White “Hot In Cleveland”

Today, on the Dr Oz Show, there was no question too embarrassing or to ridiculous… it was Dr Oz’s No Fear Zone: Answers To The Questions You’ve Been Too Afraid To Ask. (At least, according to him. I thought otherwise.) For this segment, Doctor Oz had audience members ask their questions, and even living legend Betty White, had a question for Dr Oz. Read on to find out what Betty, as well as, other audience members were dying to know.

Dr Oz: Incontinence Cure

Diana, audience member, was 38- years-old and had 3 kids. Diana told Doctor Oz that she had an embarrassing question—When she laughed or sneezed too hard, she leaked urine. Dr Oz Internal Hemorrhoids This problem started after having her children and got progressively worse after each child. Was there anything she could do about it?

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