Dr Oz: Is Your Spouse Making You Sick & Destroying Your Health?

Doctor Oz discussed the question: is your spouse making you sick and destroying your health?  Do you know how many years of your life your spouse is taking from you?  You could be a victim and not even know it.  The three hazards every couple must know about are Seminal Protein Sensitivity, Emotional Poisoning and Third Hand Smoke.  When you get married, you share your home, bed and even your moods.  You could be allergic to your true love and there may be no cure but lots of devastating consequences.  Your partner could unknowingly be giving you cancer – so how do you prevent such a fatal attraction?  Jennifer Ashton, author of The Body Scoop for Girls: A Straight-Talk Guide to a Healthy, Beautiful You, and her husband Robert Ashton, author of The Life Guide: 10 Things You Need to Know About Everything That Matters, joined Dr Oz to explain how your spouse could be making you sick and killing you! 3rd Hand Smoke

Emotional Poisoning: What Is It?

Emotional Poisoning most often happens when a husband’s mood is mirrored by his wife.  In one couple on the Dr Oz Show, a man had chronic lung disease, lost his job and had significant financial difficulty, so he could not sleep at night.  In turn, his wife got Emotionally Poisoned and mirrored his mood of negative emotions.  Basically, the husband was dragging out the bad habits in his wife.  Emotional Poisoning causes problems for your blood sugar, blood pressure and general health.  Interestingly, Dr Oz said that women get Emotional Poisoning, but men do not get it.

Emotional Poisoning Treatments

Emotional Poisoning is caused by the Prefunctal Cortex and a portion of the back of the brain working together to help a woman to mirror the mood of her husband.  Depression effects your immune system and cardiovascular system.  Depression must be treated just like high blood pressure, so please see a doctor if you are depressed.

3rd Hand Smoke: What Is It?

We know that first hand smoke and second hand smoke can cause cancer – but did you know that third hand smoke is dangerous too?  Dr Oz had a woman on his show who goes through 7 cigarettes a day.  She does not smoke in front of her husband or children, and she only smokes outside – is her family still at risk?  Dr Oz says that third hand smoke is very dangerous and can cause cancer.  Third hand smoke is when particles from your cigarette smoke land on your clothes, hair and furniture.  These particles are still carcinogens that can be inhaled by children and your spouse.  The particles from the cigarette smoke are very small, but still get brought into your home after you smoke.


  1. Annie Bush says

    Please direct me to research or more info regarding “Emotional Poisoning” on April 23, 2010 Dr. Oz.
    Thank you.
    Annie Bush

  2. Tom says

    Dr. Oz and ALL OTHER MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS need to call for a complete and total BAN on the ILLEGAL (yes, still ILLEGAL to poison people, no matter how slowly you do it!) tobacco drug.

    Tobacco kills 5,000,000 addicts and another 650,000 INNOCENT people (who breathed toxic tobacco smoke) around the world, EVERY YEAR!


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