Dr Oz: Just 10 Holiday Diet with Dr Roizen: Holiday Survival Plan


Dr Oz has been pushing us to lose 10 pounds this year with the Dr Oz Just 10 Health Challenge, but research shows that this time of the year is responsible for most of our weight gain.  So Doctor Oz and Dr Roizen put together a Holiday Survival Plan called the Just 10 Holiday Diet with Dr Roizen. Dr Oz Holiday Diet with Dr Roizen

Dr Oz: Just 10 Holiday Diet Plan

Dr Roizen told Dr Oz that it is pure BS (Bad Science) when people say that they cannot diet at the same time that they enjoy the holidays.  Here is how to avoid gaining weight and maybe even lose weight during the holidays:

Dr Oz Holiday Survival Plan: Endless Parties & Family Gatherings

Rule 1.  Prepare a Pre-Party Pack

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