Dr. Oz: Kathy Freston & Alternative Medicine Diet Choices


Doctor Oz had Kathy Freston, author of Quantum Wellness Cleanse: The 21-Day Essential Guide to Healing Your Mind, Body and Spirit, on his show to teach us how to change ourselves from the inside out.  Kathy Freston is changing the way that we eat!  She recommends choosing what we eat with integrity and care.  Our biggest misconception about the power of food is that people think they have to overhaul their entire diet for it to work… this is not true!  You can make small changes and they will build up to make big changes in your health.

Kathy Freston and Dr. Oz love the Mediterranean Diet, which can reduce heart disease by 1/3.  Walnuts have great omega 3’s, chickpeas are a wonderful source of protein, and you really do not need meat for protein.  Kale, which is usually served as decoration underneath steak at a steak house, is a wonderful vegetable packed with lots of vitamins.  Phytonutrients and the chemical balance of natural fruits and vegetables make them much better than taking vitamins.  And of course, in a Mediterranean Diet you would have to include wine and olive oil!


  1. roberta needham says

    what does one do if having hypothyroid, they have read, that kale,spinach,cabbage..etc is not good for them…how else can we get those phytonutrients that you speak of….i do raw juicing every day leaving that group of veggies out… can you suggest? thank you

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