Dr Oz: Kissing Tips, How to Kiss & William Cane Kissing Coach


Dr Oz’s Slumber Party included a segment on How to Kiss!  Doctor Oz said that kissing is enjoyable but also good for your health because it burns calories, reduces your blood pressure and minimizes your stress.  Since the topic of the day was kissing, Dr Oz played Spin The Bottle to pick his Assistant-Of-The-Day in seat 90.

Dr Oz: Kissing Head Tilt to Right

Dr Oz said that 2/3 of all kissers tilt their head to the right when they kiss.  Where do we learn which way to do our Head Tilt?  Apparently, we might learn which way Dr Oz Kissto tilt our head from when our mother’s nurse us because 80% of women nurse on the left breast which means the baby tilts her head to the right.

Dr Oz: Full Body Effect of Kissing

Dr Oz said that lots of chemicals are released when you kiss which gives you a natural high.  When you kiss your eyes dilate, you close your eyes and begin to blush as blood gorges your cheeks.  More blood goes to your brain and your heart beats faster and faster.  Dr Oz said that people remember their first kiss more than any other encounter most of the time.  90% of people have a great recollection of their first kiss.

Dr Oz: How To French Kiss

Dr Oz said that it is important to have a good kiss, so to help us perfect the pucker, he brought on his show William Cane – a world renowned kissing coach and author of The Art Of Kissing.  William Cane said that you can make your own mouth to practice French Kissing with by taking your left hand and making a fist.  Then take your thumb and stick it through your fist so you end up with your thumb being like a tongue and the small hole in your fist being like a mouth.  Then practice French Kissing your own hand!

Dr Oz: Lip-O-Suction Kiss

Next, William Cane used a pair of fake lips to teach Dr Oz how to do a Lip-O-Suction Kiss by first kissing the upper lip, and the kissing the lower lip.  Bite in a little, but don’t do it so hard that you draw blood!

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