Dr Oz: Liberator Wedge Pillow & Maca Root Powder

Dr Oz did an entire show on the topic of “Shocking Truths In America.”  Dr Laura Berman said that we are starting to see a shift where women are now more open to trying new things.  Here is the list of Dr Oz’s favorite toys from his shocking truths segment, which he spoke about on this show! Dr Oz: Liberator Wedge Pillow & Maca Root Powder

Dr Oz: Liberator Wedge Pillow

Dr Oz was joined by a lady who said that she has back pain and muscle spasms, but she needs to be able to lie down without being in pain.  Women often struggle with telling their partner about things like this, but it is so important to talk with your partner about any pain you might experience.  Dr Oz showed a Liberator Wedge Pillow that relieves back pain and provides support when you lay down in different positions.  Dr Berman said that you could also use regular pillows to try and make an angle under yourself.  But I love the idea of the wedge pillow, which also seems like it could be great to use while watching tv at night before going to sleep (or at least that is what I would do!).

Dr Oz: Maca Root Powder

Dr Oz’s last guest said that she has been married for 20 years.  Ever since she hit menopause, things have changed.  So how can she spice up her life?  Dr Oz suggested trying Maca Root Powder – 1 to 2 tsp per day.  As women age, their testosterone is declining and that is the hormone of desire.  Dr Oz also said that you should get your hormone panel read by your doctor.  Dr Oz’s guest said that Maca Powder does not have much taste and is kind of similar to whey powder, so you can just mix it into almost anything.  How about a delicious Maca Root Smoothie?



  1. Adam Bloom says

    On your show you showed the Maca Root Powder that can be ordered on line for something like $12.95.
    Where do you order it from? There are thousands of web sites with their products.

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