Dr Oz: New Female Hair Loss Treatment & Baldness Cure


Doctor Oz discussed a new female hair loss treatment and baldness cure.  Dr Oz’s segment was called “The Pulse” where Dr. Donnica Moore, an ObGyn, Dr. Janet Taylor, a psychiatrist and Dr. Corey Hebert, a pediatrician, all discussed different medical issues people are facing.

Some of the traditional hair loss treatments include hair implants, but Dr Oz showed a treatment like Rogaine.  Rogaine-type products for hair loss is the best route to go as a first attempt to combat baldness.  It costs far less than hair implants at least!  Rogaine even has a new line out targeted specifically at women’s hair loss needs, which is a pleasant surprise!  Personally though, if Rogaine does not work, I would try getting a high quality wig before doing hair implants.  Do you have any good recommendations for treating female hair loss?  If so, please leave a comment below and share your advice!


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