Dr Oz: Pelvic Prolapse Symptoms & Pelvic Prolapse Exercise


Dr Oz’s show today was called Suffering in Silence: The Shame of Pelvic Prolapse.  Woman have been suffering in silence with a secret that they are so ashamed of that they often do not tell anyone.  Pelvic Prolapse is said to be one of the most disturbing things that can happen to a woman – and you or someone close to you might have it right now.  Doctor Oz said that Pelvic Prolapse happens when the normal support is lost and the bladder, rectum, or uterus can drop and fall out through the opening.  Here is the scary part – half of all women will experience some degree of Pelvic Prolapse at some point during their life.  Prolapse may be even more common than Diabetes or Heart Disease, which we hear about all the time.

Dr Oz: Pelvic Prolapse

Dr Oz showed a bunch of women who suffered or still suffer from Pelvic Prolapse.  They said things like the following: I Dr Oz Exercise for Pelvic Prolapsewiped and felt something coming out.  A big bulge was coming out from inside of me.  I felt freaked out, because my insides were coming out of my body.  I did not even want to talk to my doctor or husband about this.


  1. Emily Durbin says

    Thank You Dr.Oz for the informative program today,,January 13,2011.I had surgery on Nov.8,2010
    and am still recuperating.I am 72 years old and had no choice,but to have the surgery.Even though it is a long recovery,it is much better than living with the prolapse of the bowel for 17 months,while I was on the surgical waiting list.It definitely is the most disturbing thing that can happen to a woman.At least now I know I am not alone.

  2. Emily Durbin says

    No,I did not find exercise of the pelvic floor muscle to be of any value.Surgery was the only option and Pray for the best results.Even though recovery has been very difficult,it is 100% better
    than the 17 months that I was on the surgical wait list.

  3. christine appel says

    I had rectal prolapse surgery in 2004 was then told to live on laxatives for the last 7 years, at 42 this past december lost total bowel control embarrassed hid alone in the house after having a scope and then nothing… Went to an old doctor I knew and he felt a rectal fissure and had developed four prolapsed hemmeroids, Had that fixed March 22. Still suffering now after another un prepped scope found that the proctitis which was also diagnosed on jan left untreated still existed. Have been having to do hydrocortisone acete suppositories for over 1 m onth. Had started fiber TID, now on nothing and really lost and consused. get bound up and the diarrhes, scared but trying to push through this also told something about a rectal seal???? Can you help save my life at all. By the way I am a RD, LD/N anmd this is embarrassing for me I eat out of nerves, but am down to 80 lbs, at 61 1/2 inches. Alone out of work and not sure what to do anymore. Maybe n ow being off all the lax, enemas, fibers my body will restor itself….

  4. says

    Christine, DOzFans.com is a gathering place for all of Dr Oz’s fans, but we are not authorized to give medical advice since we are not doctors. I do hope you get better soon though. I would definitely consider getting a second, third or even fourth opinion.

  5. Marilynn Erwin says

    Dr. Oz, I just read your article concerning Pelvic Prolapse. I don’t think I have that, but I have had a Hysterectomy, and my Gyn told me that my Bladder has fallen. It hasn’t caused any severe problems, but I do have a leakage problem, and wear pads. I didn’t want additional surgery, if I could avoid it, because I’ve heard it has no guarantee of helping the problem. I have been having Hip Pain, when I walk any distance, and after a series of tests where they ruled out circulatory issues and/orthopedic problems, I was referred to a Pain Management Dr. who is a Anesthesiologist.He diagnosed it as “Osteopuberis” (?), and administered Steriod shots to my groin area. It helped almost immediately, and I’ve been pain free for a couple of months….until the last couple of days. Do you think that it could be related in any way to Pelvic Prolapse? I’ve been reading about Osteopuberis, and I’m not an Australian athlete (ha), so I’m curious what could have caused it, and what I can do to avoid future problems. Thank you.

  6. Sue Jones says

    Please define “osteopuberis”. I have been having lower abdominal pain, like ovaries being squeezed. I am 66,I have been xrayed, ulta sound inside and out, ct scan and nothing was found. My gyn. mentioned cortisone shots in the lower abdomen, maybe muscle pulled. I don’t know where to go from here. The pain comes and goes. When it is really bad I have to lie down and put heat on the lower abdomen. What could be wrong?

  7. bahnii kenny says

    Dr. Oz. I am still in shock and very angry that i had to learn what this is called from your show and not my doctor. I am also very grateful and thankful however that you did this show on pelvic prolapse. I had stage 3 of cervix prolapse and until this day i never knew what it was called or anything about what or why this happened to me, and yes i was very ashamed that there was something very wrong with my body. Never, ever, told a living soul, my shame, my secret. I went to my doctor, he pushed my cervix back into my body and told not to worry about it. I was also told i would need a hysterectomy, I refused, and that was all i knew until I saw your show. Forty years of not knowing any of this, I could hardly believe what I was hearing, still in shock. Now I have told my daughters and my husband. Thank you again and again for your hard work to help educate all of us. I cannot express how reliveved I am nor how grateful. I am sixty-some years old and i never knew. What a relief!!!!

  8. Liz says

    Dr Oz, I watched this episode coincidentally a few days after being diagnosed with a cystocele. I am 29 years old and just gave birth to my 2nd child. I had never heard of anything but uterine prolapse after menopause and didn’t realize how common it was after childbirth! Why don’t more women talk about this? It has been depressing to me to realize my life and active lifestyle has been forever altered but I’m someone who proactively seeks information and help. Ive started physical therapy and want to be fitted for a pessary as soon as I am given the ok.
    My question is what fitness options do I have while dealing with the cystocele? I have 20 lbs to lose from the pregnancy and I really want to get fit and healthy. It’s frustrating and depressing to be inactive! Also, being a Mom of 2 now, I want to be active and keep up with them. Help!

  9. mommydba says

    Please, Kristine get off of this site. You are a bitter and angry woman that is more interested in selling your books and website than in the health and well being of women! Let others (who are doctors) talk about this intelligently and stay to writing books on “the stand” or whatever you are calling it today.

  10. Kit Sterling says

    I was on vacation, went to the bathroom and thought I was birthing an alien! What a shock…at 50, 4 years post menopause to be surprised with this. I called a family member who arranged for me to see a terrific DO internist. She reassured me that while it was scary, it was not unusual and it in fact had a name: Rectocele, cystocele and descending uterus. YIKES, sounded like a bit much to me but at least I knew I was not dying. The DO also screened me for infection (which was a good thing) because I had one (ecoli) and we began treatment. Even so I was miserable — horrid back ache, abdominal pain/pressure, nausea, dizziness, and enormously bloated stomach because my bowels were blocked and backed up. Got home from the trip and saw the first urogyn guy — his comment was, “no big deal, people live with this all the time.” I said, “people actually live with multiple organs hanging out?” To which he replied sure. I informed him that this was in no way acceptable & that I needed something to be done ASAP as I was unable to do anything in my current state. He relented and had his PA fit me with a pessary. I did feel somewhat better after and at least was able to relieve myself and deflate my stomach. However, I still feel really lousy, my husband and I have no desire to put anything else in the zone and I am depressed beyond comprehension. I hear others saying that surgery to fix it is awful but I find living with this condition to be awful and it’s ruining my life. Frankly, I’ll take my chances on the OR table….I’d rather die getting it fixed than live so miserably. But that’s just me. I have appointments with 2 different urogynocologists in the next 6 weeks (I fired the first guy, mr zero compassion). I will try to come back on with an update. I find this situation to be absolutely disgusting and painful in every way imaginable. For me…there is no dealing with it.

  11. says

    And I don’t believe Kristine is an “angry, bitter woman.” She is a woman giving her opinion and when is that so wrong? Also, I agree with some of what she’s saying..in fact, most of it! Not that male doctors can’t deal with women’s issues, I believe they can…but I also do believe that even the “super ks” cannot maintain our health. Whenever you exercise you need resistance to build up that area. (point in fact – weights used by athletes)…the way women are taught to do these exercises does not provide that resistance. Your body is not the resistance needed! You need more resistance to do any good.

  12. Jill says

    Dr. Oz ….I watched your show just days after discovering extra tissue. I was a bit suprised when I realized what was going on especially since I have never given birth. Anyway, I made an appointment immediately with my doctor. I’m schedule for surger to put everything back in its place in about a month. I can’t wait. I have pain all the time! It was determined that I have weak connective tissue and that is the cause of the prolapse. Anyway, thanks for helping me feel normal. I’m now telling everyone female I know about the possiblity of prolapse. Women need to be more aware of their bodies and what can happen. Also, steps to prevention.

  13. Kit Sterling says

    Dr. Oz and Fans – PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE SEE YOUR DOCTOR before you decide anything. I had multiple proplapse(s): bladder, large and small intestine. Turns out I have a significant blockage in my intestines causing constipation which in turn caused the prolapse. The prolapse got my attention and got me to the Dr. who then discovered the mass with testing. I am hoping for a benign diagnosis. When I do manage to have a BM I have no sensation at all because the prolapse is so significant. No waiting, watching and living with it will help me, only surgery. The prolapse may be the event that has saved my life. So PLEASE check out ALL of your options with a medical professional…. DO NOT ONLY go with info on the internet. You may be losing valuable time and potentially your life. You can always turn down surgery, but you cannot fight a disease if you don’t know you have it. Stay Well. P.S. My Dr. said you have incredible strength….still did not prevent my prolapse from happening. Surgery is coming soon. To be updated.

  14. Jan says

    I have a lot of pressure and soreness when I sit down between my thighs and buttocks, and my stomach seems bloated and hurts my thighs and pelvic bones between my legs , what would this be? never has it before, had it bad for 2 weeks now.

  15. sandy squire says

    I am six weeks post surgery for bladder, rectum and uterus prolapse. I lived with a pessary prior to surgery for 7 years. I am 58 years old. I finally got up enough courage to have the surgery and was blessed to find a Doctor that is a specialist. (Urogynecologist) Yes, the surgery is major! The first two weeks after surgery was almost unbearable. You must have good help at home! BUT, today I am so happy I finally had the surgery! I feel like a woman again and not a freak! God bless my Doctor.

  16. Kit Sterling says

    UPDATE!! Great News….I had repair surgery last November for….rectocele, enterocele, cystocele & prolapsed uterus and cervix. Whew!! In regular speak…my upper and lower intestines were prolapsed and herniated, my bladder was dropped and urination was nearly impossible. BM’s were nearly as bad and I nearly had an obstruction. My cervix and uterus were….as my surgeon said, “getting fresh air.” I was miserable constantly. I had a pessary fitted….a rubber diaphragm device that sort of held things up until my surgery could be scheduled. It did provide some relief but was a major pain to remove, clean and put back in. I had nearly constant back ache, stomach bloating and toileting was nearly impossible…making me miserable. Forget any intimacy. Then I found on the web…Alternatives to Hysterectomy. Dr. Toaff is a wonderful and gifted surgeon!!! He is an expert in the care of women and the treatment of their abdominal organs. He took at least 50 phone calls from me before I decided to go in to have a consultation. He was amazing….funny, direct, and brilliant. He answered every question I asked and provided me with the names and phone numbers of other patients who had been in my place…so I could call and ask them about their experiences…which I did. Everyone felt the same….THIS is who you want to see for help!! My surgery was in November and I am now better than new…he returned all my organs…intact to their rightful places, rebuilt my pelvic floor and placed TVT tape to support my bladder…so there is no leaking ever. My husband was thrilled when I got the OK for intimacy….he said it was like we were 20 again. 🙂 I can’t recommend this surgeon enough and the procedure he has perfected. Other Dr.s all wanted me to have a hysterectomy….which was not necessary….and actually increases your odds of prolapsing again…and again. Check him out and CALL him. He will answer your calls personally and will speak with you as often as you need. I have my life back at 51 and could not be happier!!!

  17. says

    Dr. OZ, I am 91 years old and my anus comes out when I have a bowel movement and I can’t go anymore. When I stand up, it goes back in but I still have to wait awhile before I can have another bowel movement. My Dr. Told me I wouldn’t make it to have surgery. I don’t care but what happens when I can’t poop anymore. sometimes it takes me all day to get rid of feces. I’m also incontinent but I’m used to that. I do jebel exercises and that slows it down.

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