Dr Oz: PMS Cravings, Stress Cravings & Chocolate Cravings

Doctor Oz said that cravings are your body’s way of telling you that you want something… and it is usually something bad for you.  Dr Oz brought two couples up to see how much the husbands knew about their wife’s cravings.  I was SO impressed by the couple who won, because the wife had such bizarre cravings, and the husband knew all about them!  Help For PMS Cravings

What Foods Do You Crave When Stressed?

One woman craved shrimp burritos and the other said that when she is stressed out she craves nothing because she has a loss of appetite.  Dr Oz said that when you have an elevation of stress, it disrupts your hormones, so you feel down but you have energy.  You generally crave fats, so try to eat whole grains instead.

How Many Times Per Week Do You Crave Chocolate?

One woman said she craves chocolate at least three times a week and the other never craves chocolate.  But the thing is that women seem to crave chocolate in a different way than men.  Women want just a taste of chocolate during the day, and as long as it is dark chocolate, why not!

What Foods Do You Crave When You PMS?

One woman craves coffee ice cream with marshmallow sauce and the other craves chocolate doughnuts.  Dr Oz said that women need sugar during menstruation and so they have these types of cravings.  Try to eat 6 small meals a day and reduce the amount of junk food.


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