Dr Oz: Pork Tenderloins, Beef Barley Soup & Asparagus Recipes

The Dr Oz show covered Dr Oz’s Best Love Diet, because what you eat can make a big difference.  Here is Doctor Oz’s ultimate menu to put you “in the mood.”  Dr Oz Beef Barley Soup Recipe

Dr Oz: Oatmeal, Cocoa Powder & Walnuts

For breakfast, Dr Oz suggested eating oatmeal with cocoa powder and walnuts sprinkled on top.  Oatmeal helps to reduce cholesterol, and cocoa helps in this regard as well.  The walnuts have lots of amino acids and omega 3’s, which help to open up blood vessels and to fill our organs!

Dr Oz: Beef Barley Soup Recipe

Dr Oz said that for lunch you should have Beef Barley Soup because beef has lots of zinc which is the ultimate mineral that blocks the conversion of testosterone into estrogen.  Barley is a whole grain that keeps you full for longer, so is always helpful.

Dr Oz: Celery & Peanut Butter

Dr Oz’s snack for the day was celery with peanut butter.  Celery is a great way to enjoy peanut butter, which is full of monounsaturated fatty acids.

Dr Oz: Pork Quinoa Recipe

Dr Oz said that for dinner on his Love Diet, you should have pork tenderloin, qunioa and asparagus.  This dinner has lots of protein, but not too much fat that will tie up your testosterone.  Zinc is again found in this meal, and is critical.  Asparagus contains Niacin which is necessary for histamines.  Dr Oz said he was going to post recipes for this segment on his website, but instead he just linked to old recipes for different items.  To get you started though, try this Qunioa Salad Recipe and you can substitute pork for chicken in Dr Oz’s Mango Chicken Recipe.

Dr Oz: Chocolate Covered Bananas

Dr Oz’s Love Diet Dessert sounded amazing – but then again, I definitely have a sweet tooth!  The Love Diet Dessert is a banana covered in 70% cocoa dark chocolate.  Bananas have bromelain in them, plus it has potassium and b vitamins which are good for overall energy.  The Bioflavonoids in the dark chocolate also helps to open up your blood vessels.


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