Dr Oz: Red Yeast Extract Lowers Cholesterol & Kelp Noodles


Dr Oz: 3 Ways to Lower Cholesterol

On today’s show, Dr Oz is joined by Dr. Neal Barnard, MD, to show you 3 ways to cut cholesterol and even lower it by 30 points in just 4 weeks.

Dr Oz: Red Yeast Extract Pills

Red yeast extract helps lower LDL (bad cholesterol).

Dr Oz Red Yeast Extract Capsules

Dr Oz said that Red Yeast Extract Capsules and Oyster Mushrooms lower cholesterol.


  1. do says

    I can not take statins because of painful muscle pain.
    I was told to take red yeast rice and i’m afraid because it is considered a statin as well.
    I’ve tried 4 different statins lipitor crestor zetia and I forgot the other one all gave me terrible pains—so the doctor has my records as statin intolerant.
    Can anyone suggest what I should do about red yeast rice?
    What about a powder called welchol?

  2. says

    Our bodies tune in to natural harmony and use of non fabricated medicines. We are so brainwashed by money grabbing pharmaceutical companies who can only patent chemicals they have ‘invented’. Therefore charging outrageous sums of money in most cases for products that have real deficiencies has become the right of the American Medical Association who listens readily to drug companies since they are individually, in many cases, reimbursed by big drug companies for prescribing their drugs. You should always ask your physician if he is reimbursed in any way for prescribing this drug or that. You are fortunate to have had those reactions. Read up in depth on statins and what they do to you long term. Change your lifestyle. Eat healthy unprocessed foods get exercise, participate as a positive member of your community and if necessary get help breaking habituating behaviors. you’re not alone, it’s become the way of life! …Red rice bran, know the source. Rice brain if not organic can have a lot of heavy metals in it. It can work wonders, but so can other things. Take charge of you life or seek out a good natural doctor, but be sure of their credentials, people who recommend them. Chinese medicine can be a boon if you find a good practioner. good luck- it;s in your hands.

  3. mariannette says

    are the cholesterol-lowering suggestions dr. oz presented safe for someone who is taking a statin for cholesterol?

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