Dr Oz Sandy Benefit Fundraiser Tickets: Project Hospitality

Dr Oz is selling tickets for a Hurricane Sandy benefit fundraiser.  Doctor Oz is raising money for Project Hospitality to help rebuild Staten Island.  Dr Oz, along with Richie Byrne and Healthcorps are putting on a standup comedy show at Gotham Comedy Club in New York City on November 14, 2012.Dr Oz Sandy Benefit Fundraiser Tickets: Project Hospitality

Dr Oz: Gotham Comedy Club

Dr Oz announced that he is supporting the Gotham Comedy Club fundraiser to benefit the Staten Island Hurricane Disaster Fund.  In addition, Doctor Oz will be meeting with people from the area who have medical issues from Sandy and he will be helping to treat them.  It is so refreshing to see New Yorkers and celebrities pull together to help each other get through this difficult time. And it helps us to feel more comfortable with the future, since it seems like more and more inclement weather may be in store for the East-Coast of America.

Why Are There So Many Hurricanes on the East Coast Now?

The question I would like to throw out to you is: why do you think we are seeing more and more hurricanes and severe weather hitting the East Coast of America?  Sure, hurricanes have been fairly common in Southern America (Florida for example), but New York got slammed by Sandy and then shortly after that they got buried in snow.  Some people are blaming global warming.  Others say it is coincidence.  But what do you think?  Leave a comment below and share your thoughts!

Dr Oz: Hurricane Fundraiser

In addition to donating money, attending Dr Oz’s Sandy Hurricane Fundraiser, and donating clothing, what else can you do to help the victims of the hurricane?  I have heard that old homes in Brooklyn lots all of their books, and are looking for a new supply of books (especially Russian books).  Have you heard of any requests or things that people devastated by the hurricane could use?


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