Dr Oz: Saw Palmetto & Lycopene for Enlarged Prostate Remedy


Dr Oz did a show on men’s health issues.  He covered men from the age of 17 to 60 years old and beyond.  Dr Oz brought Dr Harry Fisch, author of Size Matters, on the show to help answer these men’s health questions. Dr Oz Saw Palmetto for Enlarged Prostate

Dr Fisch said that one of the biggest misconceptions men have is that they are maintenance free.  We take cars for tune ups and oil changes all the time, but you have to take care of yourself too!

Dr Oz: Enlarged Prostate

At age 60, the prostate comes into play and men often get Enlarged Prostates and their urine stream is not what it used to be.  Dr Fisch said that you can improve your prostate health with the following tips.

Dr Oz: Saw Palmetto for Healthy Prostate

Saw Palmetto for Prostate Health:

Dr Oz said that taking Saw Palmetto 160 mg twice a day can help with enlarged prostates and prostate health.

Lycopene for Prostate Health:

Dr Oz said that eating lycopene rich foods like tomatoes and watermelon daily can help to shrink the prostate too.


  1. Ken says

    I am 58 years old and have had problems for almost 1 year now. Doctors told me it because of my bloos pressure medicine. I never had a problem.

  2. says

    Sorry to hear that Ken… have you tried talking to your doctor about other blood pressure medications or possibly taking another medication to help?

  3. Greg says

    I had full removal of my prostate in May 2010. I’ve tried shots (too painful) and a pump. It is starting to become very frustrating as I am beginning to believe that I will never be my same ol’ self. Any suggestions? Any data if and when I might ever go back to normal! I am 64 years of age and in good health, slim and exercise on a regular schedule. Thank you. Greg

  4. Leonard Owens says

    I’m 54, what can I do? I’m 6’2″ 240lb don’t smoke or drink and I don’t drink soda either please help me.

  5. Leonard Owens says

    I’m 54 years old 6’2″ 240lbs. I don’t drink or smoke I don’t really have a diet but I don’t drink sodas either, I’m not on any medication, I do have Lupus and I take 4000mg of Coral Calcium and 4000mg Vitamin D 2 times a day and I have not had a Lupus flair up in 12 years. Can you help me?

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