Dr Oz: Secrets Men Keep: They Read Your E-mails & Text Messages


Dr Oz did a segment called the Secrets Men Are Keeping.  If you are in a relationship, the results of this national poll will totally blow your mind about everything you think you know about your partner or spouse.  The national poll asked people what secrets they are keeping from their wives.  How well do you really know your husband?  An online poll put together by Doctor Oz, Men’s Health Magazine, and Women’s Health Magazine found out the Secrets Men Keep from cheating to snooping in your e-mails.  Here is the truth about what might be going on with your spouse!

Dr Oz: Secrets Men Keep

Dr Oz was joined by David Zinczenko, the Editor-In-Chief of Men’s Health Magazine and the Editorial Director of Women’s Health Magazine, as well as Dr Laura Berman, host of a new show Dr Oz Shocking Secrets Men Keepon the OWN Oprah Winfrey Network called In The Bedroom With Dr Laura Berman.  Dr Oz said that the national survey showed that men have a lot of secrets and he asked David Zinczenko why there are so many secrets?  Zinczenko said that men are often embarrassed, do not want to show weakness, want to avoid causing their partners to become upset or angry, or are just uncomfortable talking about certain things.  Dr Oz asked Dr Laura for her advice on getting men to open up and she said it is important to communicate in a specific way with men.  Women have to bring up topics and issues that men try to avoid and you must get to the point of the question first and then fill in the blanks.  Also, do not choose to have this conversation during a football game!

Dr Oz: Men’s Secrets #1: Men Think About Other Women

Dr Oz asked an audience member’s wife if she was surprised that her husband thinks about other women.  She said that it does not surprise her because she does it too.  Dr Oz said that the poll found that 45% of men think about other women.  Dr Laura said that everyone has their own fantasies and being monogamous for life is not natural because humans are wired to spread our genes as far and as wide as we can.  Fantasizing is a coping mechanism for being in a monogamous relationship.  Dr Laura said that the only time to worry is if he is fantasizing about your sister or best friend.  There are probably other thoughts and fantasies that some of us might be concerned about too!

Dr Oz: Men’s Secrets #2: Men Keep Secrets Weekly

Dr Oz said that 47% of men every week keep a secret.  The man who admitted to this said that basically all men do this and the rest are lying about their answers.  Zinczenko said that men hide this because they do not want to show weakness.  Men have 10 times more testosterone than women, so they have more urges more often than women.  Plus, it is not a glorious time for men, which is why it often happens in a locked bathroom.  At the end of the day, it is just nature’s way of making sure everything is in good working order.  Dr Berman said that women get offended and that is why men hide it.  This behavior should not be considered an insult or a threat – he is just self-stimulating and women should do it too!


  1. Doug Ausmus says

    keeping your informations totally open to your spouse helps prevent the temptations of doing things you shouldnt be doing just knowing they will se it!

    It is a great safe guard!

  2. Kimberly says

    I have a comment, along with an opinion; please hear me out, .I find this spouse to spouse/man snooping through (her) email’s and cell phone quite disturbing considering most men (dang close to every man I know with few exception (the exceptions are idiots, you know..the dudes that can barely remember their e-mail adress let alone their passwords to save their lives). Men as I have learned would rather lie lie lie lay down and lie again before they would part with their many passwords, cell phone, website historys….! so, I am quite shockingly disturbed to read that the same men are the ones that are secretly snooping on us women in their lives. I analyze it like this……1. it’s a mirror image of their own shenanigans, 2. they’re egos are large and their self-esteem is as small …and growing in each direction, that (men) they are not sure anymore what to do next with themselves, 3. 90% of the men’s bank accounts have diminished so tragically and/or they feel they may never get their now considering this country’s economic state, their age, and their mistakes still to be recovered from, ….so men are disgusted too. I get it, I’m sensitive to it, that said…. “It does not allow any Man nor any Woman nor any wife, husband, parent, sibling, family member, employer, neighbor, child, teacher, congressman, journalist, President, doctor, lawyer, Mother, Father……………to have a hurtful harmful personal agenda that always comes along with to lie, fraud, cheat, steal, disrespect, intolerance, ignorant (defined-lacking knowledge), blame, long term harmful repurcussions, This opinion of mine I do have a thought out solution to…Marriage state law should include monetary penalties based on how long married, levels of the offense, repeating offenders, (on both sides), digital thumbprints are admisable….solves the current escalating problem for 10 years anyways. Your welcome. I’m done.

  3. Truth seeker says

    It’s the sad truth, but I completely agree that we were not meant to be monogamous. The Bible even says that if you lust after another, then you have already committed adultery. Either way, I believe love will prevail in any case of infidelity, if you’re honest about your indiscretions, if you really love your mate, then forgiveness is possible.

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