Dr Oz Sensa Scam

Dr Oz reveals the truth behind the Sensa product.  Can you lose weight on the Sensa Diet?  Or is Sensa a scam?  Plus, Doctor Oz did a segment called “Ask Dr Oz: Am I Normal” to answer a bunch of questions that many of us would be too embarrassed to ask our doctors about.  And don’t forget to read Dr Oz’s first “Am I Normal” segment here: Dr Oz Am I Normal?.

What is Sensa?

The Sensa Diet consists of a special “powder” that you sprinkle on your food before eating it.  People claim that by using Sensa on your food before a meal, you will eat less, and therefore you will lose weight.  But that means you have to invest in buying Sensa, carry it around with you so that you have it whenever you want to eat a snack or a meal, and hope that doctors won’t find out in twenty years that Sensa actually causes Cancer or some other awful health problem or disease.

How Much Does Sensa Cost?

Still want to try Sensa?  How much will it cost you to go on the Sensa Diet?  It costs $79 per month (though I have seen it on sale for as low as $59 per month).  And if you are willing to buy larger quantities, then the price goes down.  For example, a six month kit is usually $354, but I have seen it on sale for as little as $179 to $289.

Dr Oz: Sensa Review

Here is my question for you though, Dr Oz recently spoke about the Chia Seed Diet that also helps you lose weight by eating less because your stomach gets full from the healthy chia seeds.  So why not try Dr Oz’s Chia Seed Diet before Sensa?  Chia seeds costs less, they have been ingested for a very long time and do not seem to lead to long-term health issues (though you should always check with your doctor first), and the Chia Seed Diet just logically makes sense that it should work.  What do you think though?  Are you going to give the Sensa Diet a try?  Or do you think that Sensa is a scam?


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