Dr Oz: Slippery Elm for Laryngitis & Vocal Cord Irritation

Dr Oz Laryngitis

Dr Oz: Vocal Cord Irritation

Doctor Oz said that Laryngitis might make your voice sound attractive, but it means that you have Vocal Cord Irritation.  How can you get your voice back after having Laryngitis?  And how can you prevent getting it in the first place?  Dr Oz’s Assistant-Of-The-Day, Wilma, said that she loses her voice sometimes if she yells or gets sick.  Here is what Dr Oz said about what causes Laryngitis and how to fix it:

Dr Oz: Laryngitis Causes

Dr Oz said that your Vocal Cords vibrate and sometimes they can make a deep voice or noise that comes from your Dr Oz Laryngitischest, or sometimes you can make a high pitched sound when you make your Vocal Cords tight and close to each other.  However, your Vocal Cords can get swollen from the acid in your stomach (Acid Reflux), from yelling or from being sick.  And when they get swollen, it is hard for them to work in the right way.  The best way to  heal Laryngitis quickly is to not talk at all – not even in whispers.

Dr Oz: Slippery Elm & Facial Steamer

Doctor Oz said that Slipper Elm is available as lozenges, tablets or powder and works to help your Laryngitis by making you salivate more.  This saliva bathes your Vocal Cords so that they do not dry out as easily.  Many people would guess that warm tea and lemon help Laryngitis, but this can actually make it worse because the acid in the lemon can trigger Acid Reflux.  Dr Oz said that if you often wake-up in the morning with a hoarse voice, this is a tell-tale sign of having Acid Reflux.  You can try a decaffeinated tea with nothing added to it to help soothe your Laryngitis.  Dr Oz’s final Laryngitis Cure is to use a Facial Steamer to lubricate and hydrate your Vocal Cords.


  1. diana says

    Dr. Oz my son was on a resprator for about 3 weeks i think his vocal cords were damaged at that time due to the tubes down his throat will slippery elm help him out with speech?

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