Dr Oz: Susanne Eman Dying To Be The World’s Fattest Woman


Dr Oz & Susanne Eman

Dr Oz did a show called “Dying To Be The Fattest Woman In The World,” featuring Susanne Eman who weighs over 700 pounds.  Doctor Oz said that when he first heard about Susanne, he thought it could never be true.  Could a woman really have the goal of becoming the fattest person in the world?  Susanne Eman does not want help from Dr Oz, but agreed to come on his show to help break stereotypes of overweight people.


  1. Jessica says

    I don’t get it! Why would anyone want to do this to themselves intentionally. There are men and women everywhere who struggle with their weight on a daily basis. There are people dying daily because of being overweight. I can see this making a lot of overweight people mad. Sure, these women make lots of money off of being large…but money doesn’t make it right!

  2. Bobbi says

    I don’t understand this woman, here I am weighing in @ 388 lbs and I hate myself over this big gain and I hate being fat and soon I will be where I wanna be, my feelings have taken me down from different people staring looking and talking something terrible and I hear what their saying and it always has me in tears, and as soon as I get my surgery done on my hernia I am gonna be on the ball about losing the weight, I don’t wanna die and leave my hubby and family, I flatlined on 10-10-10 and I was very scared of leaving, it wasn’t my time yet and I will get myself healthier and live longer I am now 55yrs soon to be 56yrs and I see myself as a beautiful person.

  3. says

    I have struggled with a weak will power for a long time. I am 5’6″ and weight 245 lbs. I don’t like how I look and even my kids want me to loose weight. I want to but for some reason couldn’t keep with anything. But after watching this episode, I was so disgusted with her that I feel I have reached a turning point in my own life. Today is the first day of the rest of my life and if I take things 1 day at a time, I hope to go down…not up in my weight…

    I think Susanne has some kind of mental problem. Dr. Oz was totally flustered with her…trying to explain how sick she is with the results of her medical tests and still she “sat” there smiling … not seeming to care… I hope she has some kind of plans for someone to finish raising her boys…because I am sure she won’t be around much longer…. It is so sad…but you can’t help her until she is ready and wants the help. She is eating herself into a grave. Those men who pay to watch those women eat should be ashamed of themselves !!!!! They are contributing to this and are as much to blame as she is…. (shaking my head)… I hope Dr. Oz lets us know what happens to her in future episodes….

  4. says

    I believe the woman is feeling ACCEPTABLE with the men who feed her…and perhaps this is more her motivation than anything else. The only reason she would want to lose is going to be written in her eulogy. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink “syndrome”…as in her case…shown this isn’t healthy to be so heavy yet willing to make a sacrifice of her life.

  5. Nana says

    She is mentally ill and feeding off the attention that these sick men give her. She is in denial and you might as well say, suicidal. She is slowly but surely killing herself. Her children will suffer. Don’t be surprised if at least one of these boys dont grow up to be 500 lbs too just because of the mental chaos she has brought in their life with obesity. How truly sad.

  6. brendabfromfl says

    You should be able to baker act someone with that woman’s attitude. She should be put into a guardianship situation and her kids should be removed from her care. You shouldn’t have to watch your mother kill herself with food.

    I used to say that smoking was the only acceptable form of suicide but I’ve add obesity to the list. (I’m an ex smoker)

    I find it sad that there are people who feed off of this woman’s illness. Totally disgusting!

  7. Kitty says

    Besides the facts about obesity being bad for your health, and her insistence on becoming unhealthy, there is one other thing that she clearly hasn’t considered.
    Why, when there are millions of starving people in this world, does she think it’s just fine for her to consume thousands of calories a day? There are people that die of hunger, or strive to get just 1,000 calories a day. Living on this planet is not bout consuming everything you see.
    There is no justification for being this greedy.

  8. Victoria says

    I don’t know how any person would want to stay overweight and not do anything to loose it…I have gained 15 lbs at 5 ft. and I must say, I can’t get rid of it….

  9. says

    Here it is I’m trying to lose over 80 lbs. Myself and she WANT
    TO GAIN MORE WEIGHT??!! She really needs help mentally
    And emotionally before its too late, which cannot be too soon.
    Dr. Oz, please help her if you can…..

  10. Yvette says

    No one else see what a jerk dr oz is he’s racist and hates fat people. Out of 30 people in a hospital 2-3 are fat, think about that before you start hating. If anything hate is what’s killing us faster than anything.

  11. sheri says

    This is absolutely disgusting! I am overweight and trying to lose weight. Why in the world would anyone WANT to be morbidly obese???!!!!

  12. sheri says

    I think this woman needs a major reality check!!!!! She is delusional! What the heck is wrong with her?! I feel sorry for her kids. She is being incredibly selfish. Does she not know that her kids will be without a mother?! She is 32? She won’t live to be 40. that is sad! Ridiculous!!

  13. marie says

    It seems that the incentive for her to remain on this dangerous course is that she is making money off the photo sessions–It’s actually enabling her to support herself & her children.
    It’s so sad that she will be sacrificing so much in the long run–Leaving her children and she may not live long enough to meet her future grandchildren. It also seems that she is enjoying any kind of attention at all –whether it is negative OR positive. The weirdest thing to me is that she refuses to face the truth and doesn’t care about the future of her children.

  14. Mary says

    I think Dr. Oz really screwed this up. His job is to educate and help; not show his disgust. And if a 120# woman was shown posing in those pictures, he wouldn’t call it a fetish, he’d call it hot! I can’t agree with her gaining the weight; Weight is often a complex issue; I was just as unhappy at my “right” weight (140); as I am now (250);

  15. linda says

    Don’t blame Dr. Oz, he was only trying to help this woman. Her let her know how dangerous it is to gain all this weight. Plus she wants to gain more! he told her that her blood pressure was bad, etc. He can’t make her lose weight. She has to wake up and realize that she is killing herself. her children will be without a mom. But she is in denial, saying that she exercises and is in good health. I do not believe that Dr. Oz is a hateful man. He seems genuine and caring.

  16. Paula says

    While I may not agree with purposely eating 20,000 calories a day, I can say that one comment that she made was absolutely true. She said that Doctors do not understand the morbidly obese. This is soooo true. There are many complexities that surround “extreme” obesity. This is in no way the same as someone who use to be very active and is now in an inactive situation and has gained 40 lbs. And it is dangerous to categorically place all morbidly obese into a calorie in calorie out explanation.
    Sometimes there are hormonal factors governing the weight gain from youth. Sometimes there is a defective function of the digestive organs or lacking in digestive enzymes that are needed to properly digest carbohydrates and fats. Sometimes the hypothalamus gland has a tumor which derides the individuals metabolism. The lymphatic system and disorders of it can cause massive swelling giving the appearance of obesity.
    Traumatic experiences in youth that translate into a self-loathing life-long experience can cause weight gain due to the hormone cortisol that is released when we are under emotional strain or stress. Also, the often forgotten, various chemicals that are contained in processed food can contribute to food addictions as well as overdosing on sodium/sugar which can cause stress on the pancreas creating havoc in the insulin levels which contribute to “FAT STORAGE”.
    My fear is that all this extreme focus on making people feel bad about themselves over their weight will only contribute to their battle or add to the reason of why they became overweight. I think the first protocol is to make a person feel accepted, valued and amazing. And Suzanne is AMAZING…..Creative…..wonderful……and loved. There are things that we may not agree with….but that does not mean she should be ridiculed on live television. Nobody deserves that! Let us not forget civil rights and repeat such a very bad piece of unaccepting judgemental bigot history. The morbidly obese have every right to inhabit this earth and feel good about themselves. Their struggles just happen to be physical and easily seen. If you care….FIND A CURE.

  17. Irina says

    It is sad and scary to see people like that!You are a human and should have norms and know when to stop!!Try and be an example for your children or at least try not to be an embarrassment for them!!!
    Do you come from wild?Do you have any brain at all in your little head when you do this to yourself?I watched the program and it was revolting just seeing you react the way you did young Susanne…
    Ok,when you say: How it is any different from men gawking at images of superstars and obese women..Ok than here is my question and please answer it : Find me one difference between yourself and a PIG!!!Oh I have one answer for that:Pig definitely eats less….
    It is a shame that people think like that,do that and don’t think about why are we actually born for,why we came here and why don’t we try to make the world a better place…If everyone ate like you do than what would become to this world?who would work?who would do any good things…what would happen to animals if everyone would eat the amounts of beef or any type of meat you do…
    I am from Europe and I’ve been few times to USA…Sorry to say that but the world laughs at you!!There is nowhere in the world such an amount of obese people…I used to feel sorry for really fat people but when I heard you talking and how fine you are with this whole situation it made me really sick!!I can’t compare you even with animals as those have more sense and know when to stop…I guess you are just very ignorant and it is sad to be so at your age and with two kids…
    Read some books – if you can read,and think about afterlife and stop being self centered…world wasn’t made up for producing food to fill your big,greedy and revolting stomach!!!

  18. Hildy says

    This is in reply to Paula’s ludicrous comment “If you care….FIND A CURE.”

    As a morbidly obese woman (375 lbs) I can, with complete confidence tell you that there already is a cure for 95% of obese people, it’s so simple it may shock you…STOP EATING. See, I told you it was simple. Imagine if fat people just stopped overeating, it would be amazing, astonishing, life changing! All with out any monetary output. I should add here, that yes, there are cases of obesity that have roots in physiological issues, but those are in the MINORITY and it would be a shame to waste valuable medical research dollars to find a cure for obesity.

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