Dr. Oz: Tamanu Oil for Acne, Skin, Burns, Cuts- Home Remedy

Doctor Oz, along with Chris Kilham (the Medicine Hunter and author of Hot Plants: Nature’s Proven Boosters for Men and Women), gave a great home remedy from Vanuatu in the South Pacific: Tamanu Oil!  Tamanu Oil grows on the beach and is great for your skin.

Whether you have acne, a burn, cut, abrasion, rash or any skin problem, Tamanu Oil will cure your skin problems fast.  In fact, Chris Kilham says that Tamanu Oil clears up your pimple right away.  You could also try Dr. Oz’s Sea Buckthorn Oil Acne Treatment.


  1. Jamie says

    I tried Tamanu oil on my cystic acne, and it kept breakouts under control, but definitely did not lessen the frequency of my breakouts. This is definitely not the new :miracle cure, especially if you have sever acne like me.

  2. Cindy says

    In response to the previous post, I was wondering how long you used the Tanamu oil and how frequently did you apply it. Also, were you able to verify that it was 100% pure Tanamu oil?

  3. says

    I personally use Tamanu oil before going to bed at night. I apply it very sparingly… basically just a few drops is enough for my whole face. I have heard that other people find it easier to mix a few drops of Tamanu oil into their favorite night cream, in the palm of their hand… and then apply. Let me know how it works out for you!

  4. Chris says

    This stuff really does work. My mom got it for me to help with the redness from my acne and it clears it up. It hasn’t gone completely away but this does keep the acne in check. She found it somewhere online for like $6 or something, I’m glad she did!

  5. Molly says

    Thank God, I watch Dr. Oz and his show and thank you so much for bringing on amazing people who share alternative medicines! I have terrible acne, I have an amazing diet with very healthy food and have plenty of zinc, I went to the dermatologist, which has helped, but all the prescribed creams, which I carefully read about before using, have only irritated my skin. I’ve only been using Tamanu oil for three days and I LOVE IT!!! My skin looks so much better already! The amazing thing is that it gets rid of whiteheads too! I’ve been putting it on the past three days, several times a day and at night. When I wake up in the morning, my white heads are gone and it just a red spot, but everything is dramatically smaller and less irritated! Yes, there are a million remedies out there and each one works differently for every person, but I truly believe Tamanu oil can work for everyone! And from what I’ve read, you have to make sure you’re buying 100% Tamanu oil because some companies rip you off and those don’t work as well.

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