Dr Oz: The Birth Control Pill Prevents Cancer?


Does the Pill Prevent Cancer?

You took “the pill” in your 20s and 30s to help prevent pregnancy, but today’s studies show that taking the birth control pill in your 40s may be beneficial in preventing cancer. On today’s show, Doctor Oz was visited by ObGyns, Dr. Carolyn Westhoff and Dr. Judith Wolf, to discuss the health benefits and risks of women of a certain age taking the pill to prevent cancer.


  1. dawn says

    do you think woman on bc pills for over 10 years are having more infertilty issues?
    i know of many woman age 28-32 having problems conceiving.
    most are hormone related

  2. jeannine says

    I was recently diagnosed with endrometrios and my doctor wants me to take the pill called camrese to stop me from getting my period for 6 months to calm down the endrometrios, does this seem right??? Ive never taken the pill and I’m very nervous about this. There is alot of breast cancer in my family… I recently had laprascopic surgery to remove 2 cysts one on each of my ovaries and thats when he saw this.

  3. vera says

    In 1997 I had Breast cancer and had to have my breast removed.
    I also was told when I was put on the pill in 1965 that it would also help my period and bones. I have brittle bone and I am a very active person.
    When a doctor looks at me he can not believe that I have a problem with my bones because of the way I look.
    I was told in 1997 that the cancer was from estrogen that I had taken. Now you are saying it’s OK. This is very upsetting to a few of us who did this and wished we had not.

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