Dr Oz: Ticking Time Bomb: Cholesterol- Purslane & Goji Berries


Doctor Oz did a segment called “Ticking Time Bomb: Cholesterol” to give us a 5 step plan that can save our life and reduce our chances of getting a heart attack.  Cholesterol is a scary thing because you cannot see it or know the damage it is causing until it is often too late.  Dr Oz said that cholesterol is a “fatty substance that circulates in your blood” and it comes from foods that you eat, but 75% of cholesterol is actually made by your own body.  You need a certain amount of cholesterol to build cells and to produce hormones, but too much can be life threatening.  1 in 3 people have high cholesterol, and as cholesterol builds up in your arteries, it can impede the blood flow through your body which can lead to high blood pressure, heart attacks and strokes.  Dr Oz said that 50% of all heart attacks are linked to high cholesterol. Dr Oz Purslane


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    These are my simple cardioprotective food choices for those at risk of cardiovascular disease.
    Increase consumption of:
    Porridge Oats
    Oily fish – mackerel, salmon, herring
    Unsalted nuts, seeds
    Olive Oil
    Tea, especially green tea
    Blueberries, prunes, strawberries
    Fruit and vegetables
    Beans and pulses

    Reduce/Avoid consumption of:
    Fried foods
    White bread, pasta
    Biscuits, soft drinks
    Excess alcohol/spirits
    Excess saturated/hydrogenated fats
    High sodium foods – e.g. bacon, tinned soup, pickles
    Table sugar – FOS (Fructo-oligosaccharrides) powder is an ideal substitute sweetener and valuable fibre source

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