Dr Oz: Transgender Families – Trapped Inside the Wrong Body


Dr Oz: Brynne’s Sex Change

On today’s show, Doctor oz goes inside the life of Brynne and Tina, a married couple living with Brynne’s life altering decision to become a woman. Several years ago, Brynne was known as Bryan. She has been married for 19 years and has 2 daughters. All her life, Brynne felt like a woman. As a young girl, she dressed in her mother’s clothes when she was alone. When she looked at girls in dresses, she wanted to be one. Brynne grew up in Wyoming as a boy and tried to be macho, but it never felt right. In college as Bryan, Brynne met Tina and instantly fell in love. Bryan and Tina got married and had children, but Brynne still felt incomplete. Brynne buried herself in work to keep busy, but inside, there was a lot of anger because she felt she couldn’t be who she wanted to be. The anger would come out toward her family because her emotions were so raw. She felt she wasn’t being a good spouse or father. Brynne told Dr Oz, back then, she felt like a shell of a person.

Dr Oz: Woman Trapped in a Man’s Body

When Tina wasn’t home, Brynne would try on his wife’s clothes. One day, she asked Tina how she felt about men wearing women’s clothes. It started as a game or a fantasy, but then progressed.

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