Dr. Oz Ultimate Anti-Aging Edition & Andy’s Salt Substitute


Doctor Oz re-aired his show Ask Dr. Oz: The Ultimate Anti-Aging Edition.  The number of older adults is growing fast, and Dr Oz said that by 2030, 70 million people will be over the age of 65.  Sounds like the nursing home business is a great business to go into!  Nobody wants to look or feel old though, so there is lots of ground breaking research being done in the areas of Anti-Aging Science and Experimental & Biomedical Gerontology, to slow down and reverse the aging process.  Wrinkles creams are changing and are now including ingredients like nano liposomes and human growth hormones.  Instead of plastic surgeons using knives to keep people looking young, they are using injections and fillers.  Plus, the best anti-aging secret may just be exercise, which keeps your body’s cells younger.  Ask Dr. Oz Ultimate Anti-Aging Edition


  1. Humble says

    Chef Andy gets free publicity when he talks about his seasoning. But, he refused to share the recipe :-(. I believe he wants to commercialize and collects $$$$$. I think Dr. OZ should have put a condition: You want to be on my show and talk about your recipes and seasonings, that’s fine on the condition that you SHARE.

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