Dr Oz: Velscope & OralCDx Brush Test: Oral Cancer Screening Tests


Dr Oz: Oral Cancer Screening Tests

Dr Oz did a segment on two groundbreaking Oral Cancer Screening Tests: the Velscope test and the Oral CDX Brush Test, after speaking about Oral Cancer Warning Signs.  Doctor Oz was joined by Dr Jonathan Levine who demonstrated how to do both of these Oral Cancer Screening Exams, along with a tradition Oral Cancer Screening Test that does not use these more advanced technologies.

Dr Oz: Oral Cancer Screening Exam

Dr Levine said that at the bare minimum, your dentist should do a basic Oral Cancer Screening Exam every time you go in for a visit.  Your dentist will Dr Oz Oral Cancer Testsexamine all of the soft tissue in your mouth including your lips, the oral and buckle mucosa, your cheeks, the tonsil area in the back, your tongue and the floor of your mouth.  Dr Oz said that the sign that your dentist is giving you an Oral Cancer Exam is that they will use a piece of gauze to wrap around your tongue so that all sides of your tongue and underneath your tongue can easily be examined.  Your dentist will be looking for unusual red, white or dark spots in your mouth.

Dr Oz: Velscope Oral Cancer Test

Next, Dr Jonathan Levine demonstrated how to use a Velscope, which shows abnormal tissue in your mouth by using a special light.  The Velscope can highlight abnormal cells early when they are just changing from healthy to unhealthy.  It uses a narrow blue light with special filters that makes your mouth appear an apple green color if everything is healthy.  But if there are abnormal cells, they appear as a darkened area instead of as a green color, and this makes it easier to identify pre-cancerous or potentially dangerous cells very early on.

Dr Oz: Oral CDX Brush Test

Dr Levine told Doctor Oz that if the Velscope shows some abnormal tissue, they can use an Oral CDX Brush Test which is essentially a brush biopsy or a pap smear for your mouth.  The dentist takes a small brush and wipes it up against the cells, then puts it onto slides and sends it out to a lab to be tested.

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