Dr Oz: Viewers Bath Time Beauty Secrets & Skin Home Remedies


Doctor Oz’s viewers sent Dr Oz their favorite bath time beauty secrets and Natural Home Remedies.  We always knew that Doctor Oz’s fans and viewers were some of the most creative and fun people out there!  Among the home remedies that work are Breast Milk Soap, a Pina Colada Bath for soft skin and a Sweet Potato, Mango & Honey Face Mask for anti-aging skin.  Bath Time Beauty Secrets

Dr Oz Breast Milk Soap

What?  Did you say Breast Milk Soap?  Don’t worry, if you are like some of us who really cannot stomach the idea of bathing in breast milk, you can substitute the breast milk with yogurt.  This Breast Mill Soap or Yogurt Soap is great for dry skin  in the winter, pregnant tummies, itchy skin and even eczema.  Doctor Oz said that the lactic acid, in the form of alpha-hydroxy acid, is very good for your skin.  So try making Yogurt Soap to keep  your skin looking young and as a great natural Eczema Home Remedy.  Here is the complete recipe for Breast Milk Soap.

Dr Oz Pina Colada Bath

How fun does a Pina Colada Bath sound?  Plus, I love the idea of making a real pina colada smoothie with the leftover ingredients – a great relaxing treat for your bathing experience.  Doctor Oz’s viewer said that soy milk is good for the elasticity of skin – coconut milk is rich, luxurious and adds lots of moisture to the bath and powdered milk softens skin and gets rid of redness and skin irritation.  I wonder if all of that is true or not.  Dr Oz did say that this Pina Colada Bath is good for you because of the bromelain in pineapples (an anti-inflammatory) and the anti-oxidants in coconut.  Here is the complete recipe for the Pina Colada Bath.

Dr Oz Beer Shampoo:

Dr Oz said that his viewer’s Hair Thickening Beer Shampoo does not work.  The hair thickening home remedy consisted of boiling the contents of a bottle of beer until it reduces to half the amount.  You then let the beer cool off and add it to about 6 ounces of baby shampoo.  Doctor Oz said this does not work in the long term, because beer has ethanol which blocks biotin, a B Vitamin.  Biotin is a crucial component to building hair.  In the short term though, beer may plump up your  hair.  Perhaps this  is why I so dearly love this home remedy for a Beer Hair Rinse, which I try to do once a week or once every two weeks.

Dr Oz Sweet Potato, Mango & Honey Face Mask

Doctor Oz said that this anti-aging skin mask does work because mango and honey combat free radicals and fight off wrinkles.  Here is the complete recipe for Sweet Potato, Mango & Honey Face Mask.


  1. gina says

    Thank you for the info on the sweet potaoto mask. Tried it, loved it!
    Urinary Tract Infections. New boyfriend… Several UTI’s. I don’t take antibiotics or drugs so this is not an option for me. Always natural and 80% organic for sveral plus years I wanted to find a way to deal with the UTI naturally. Here it is and it works within one day. The day you feel the burning and frequency to urinate (although it may have actually started before that) take 1 teaspoon of D-Mannose power in a small amount of water. Drink 4-6 pints of water every 2 hours. By the 4th dose, the burning is gone. Continue taking D-Mannose every 5 hours the next day with lots of water to flush it out. Wonderful, effective and no drugs. Works 100%!!!

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