Dr Oz Vitamins & Supplements Shopping Tips- Get What You Pay For

Doctor Oz did a segment on Vitamins and Supplements and gave three great shopping tips so that we can be sure to get what we pay for when we go to buy Vitamins and Supplements.  Vitamins & Supplements Shopping Tips

Vitamin & Supplement Shopping Advice

1.  Single Ingredient Supplements

Try to take only single ingredient supplements.  The best is if you can avoid supplements by eating a healthy diet and exercising.  However, sometimes you have to take Vitamins and Supplements, like if you are a pregnant woman or if you have concerns about your bone health.  Dr Oz said it is important to make sure you purchase your Vitamins and Supplements from a reputable store.

2.  Research Online, Shop in Store

You can do lots of research on Vitamins and Supplements online by reading the Consumer Lab newsletter.  When you go to buy a Vitamin or Supplement, look for the USP verification seal.  Another great source is the National Library of Medicine.  When you go to purchase your vitamins and supplements at a store, Doctor Oz said you should talk to the pharmacist to see what would work best for you and to be sure it won’t interact badly with any other medications you take.

3.  Beware of Trendy Supplements

When a new ingredient comes out, the market can get ahead of the science.  Hoodia for example had no clinical studies and caused damage to many people.  Also, when a new supplement comes out on the market, often demand will be greater than the supply, so manufacturers will buy lower quality ingredients in the first few years.


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