Dr Oz: What You Don’t Know About Potatoes (Organic vs Non-Organic)


Doctor Oz did an episode on the Dr Oz Television Show where he spoke about the merits (or lack-there-of) of potatoes. Here are some interesting thoughts on things you don’t know about potatoes!

Potato Questions on the Street:

Here are just a few potato questions you might come across if you interview people off the street!

Are potatoes really bad for you?



  1. Sylvia says

    I am also shocked that Dr. Oz would allow such a one sided view of circumcision. As for higher rates of HIV…..the study (ONE study) was conducted in Africa (high HIV rate) and it was conducted at the same time as a vaccine was introduced, so it may not have had anything to do with circumcision. Please, since when do intelligent people base their opinions on one study? After that episode I have stopped watching Dr. Oz. His credibility has gone out the window.

  2. Pete says

    Yo! (Philly talk) Having been a biology major, one thing I’ve learned over and over and over is: With all things in nature, the best thing to do, is leave it alone. It comes down to something real simple…”If it aint broke then don’t try to “fix” it.” Doc, now I know that you’ve taken plenty of biology courses, and not just about the human body. Remember what they used to think about forest fires? Who would have thunk? How many times do have to learn, nature knows better than we do…but I know you already knew this.

  3. Joe says

    With the much improved hygiene conditions we have today, the cons of circumcision seem a non-issue, maybe in a third world country. The comments here seem to be one-sided, just opposite to drozfans’s consensus.

  4. Kyle says

    Its amazing the negative comments on circumcision always come from women. Its just as hypocritical as men deciding the legality and morality of abortion. I dont know one guy who has ever said, “damn, I wish I wasn’t circumcized.” its normal, its most definitely more sanitary and its ridiculous that people are freaking out over it. I’m not going to tell you what you can do to your lady parts, dont worry about my man parts. My parents made the right decision and I’ll make the right one for my kids. Puberty and locker room showers are awkward enough without looking different from everyone and wondering why.

  5. Josh says

    Any sane person wouldn’t cut off the most sensitive parts of their junk. But it’s not left up to sane people is it?It’s left up to the previous generation of victims who wish to validate their loss by inflicting it upon their children.

  6. says

    Kyle, bullying doesn’t stop in the locker room by forcing everyone to do what the bully wants them to do. Bullying stops by saying know and confrontation.

    Circumcision is not normal. It is the outcome of a surgical procedure. It is cosmetic surgery on the genitals. Kyle, did you know that your prepuce is the same as the prepuce of a girl? Did you know that the prepuce of a girl is protected by law? You can’t even talk about removing the prepuce without threat of a lawsuit. Why do we as guys always shrug it off as no big deal? What’s next? Remove an eyelid to prevent eyelashes from falling into your eye?

  7. says

    Kyle: I am a man genitally mutilated and hate it. I would have said hell no and did not consent to illegal mutilation. You lose 20,000+ nerve endings and sensitive tissue Kyle see everything lost to male genital cutting here: norm.org/lost.html

    You can restore your foreskin like me and 200,000 other men genitally mutilated and hate it.

  8. Kyle says

    Sorry, but you guys are insane. Couldnt be happier with the decision my parents made and to compare it to gential mutilation is akin to comparing vacination to germ warefare. Gential mutilation of women is done with the intention of preventing female pleasure in those cultures. Circumcision has actual health merits and while it may have a biblical history, people dont do things without reason. Given the lack of medical understanding hundreds of years ago, infections in the region would certainly be more prevalent and removal would be a logical step. The motivation certianly would not be suppression of pleasure as it is in cultures where women are degraded. Think before you make wild accusations because you degrade the actual suffering of those who are being oppressed.

    I don’t have to worry about increased risks of bacterial infection. I dont know a single man who regrets the decision his parents made. You guys do what you want but personally I couldnt be happier..

  9. says

    Well I’m glad you have your parents name written on your genitals. I personally don’t want to think of my genitals and my parents in the same thought. Disgusting. MY body, MY right.

  10. DaveS says

    “If we view a child’s foreskin as having a valid function, we are no more justified in amputating it than any other part of the child’s body unless the operation is medically required treatment and the least harmful way to provide that treatment.” ~Margaret A. Somerville

    I am a man that was circumcised as a baby and I really wish I wasn’t. But more importantly, I was denied my choice to keep a valued, functional, healthy body part.

  11. nick says

    It’s made out to be such a big deal. Too many people who care about nothing. Whining and complaining at every chance.

  12. says

    Alright, well, I have a problem? My son is 10 yrs old with a female doctor he is so shy of her so I leave the room but the doc tells me to stay at the door well I of course do that but the doc told me he always gets shy of undressing and whines. She convinces him eventually by saying, “oh, your a good kid, I’m used to this don’t worry” and all that and when he does, he keeps playing with it even when she says not to, he lets go and starts again so a nurse comes to hold him gently while the doctor checks it but recently they complained THIS IS A REAL STORY PLEASE PLESE HELP!

  13. says

    @A Lia, well try going into the room to control your son, and explain to him what the heck is he doing? well, I said it differently but just talk with him he may really want a female to look at his peepee, or as you said, if he is shy maybe he has a booboo “down there in that peepee area” he really wants her to help him! Please respond to me, tell me what a good answer I gave!!! lol!!!!

  14. says

    And ,@ Am, what do you mean by your answer? why are you wasting space on the site for no reason? like really, there is a good reason that I am a top answerer, and I am so good at answering, yep, but seriously why do we waste space for no reason you big weirdos can’t you be more like me

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