Dr Oz: Why Do We Shrink When We Get Older?

Dr Oz was joined by Billy Goldberg, an ER doctor who wrote a book, to discuss Everyday Medical Mysteries.  So why do men fall asleep so easily?  Why do you get goose bumps?  And why do you shrink as you get older?  Doctor Oz and Billy answer all of these! Dr Oz Goosebumps

Why Do Men Fall Asleep So Easily?

Billy Goldberg says that men fall asleep easily because of their hormones.  When Prolactin and Oxytocin are released they fall asleep very quickly and easily.  Dr Oz said that as you fall asleep normally, Prolactin and Oxytocin are released slowly, but sometimes for men it can go rushing out and causes them to fall right to sleep.

Why Do We Shrink When We Get Older?

Dr Oz’s quiz was do you think we shrink as we age because 1. our arms and leg bones shrink, 2. the discs in our spine shrink or 3. everyone else just gets taller.  87% of Dr Oz’s audience said it is because the discs in your spine shrink, and this is true!  Goldberg said that the discs in our spine are made of 80% water, plus the muscles around the spine begin to weaken and discs can even collapse.  The general rule is that after the age of 40, you shrink an inch every 25 years.

Why Do We Get Goosebumps When Cold or Scared?

Dr Oz’s quiz was do we get goose bumps because of 1. our nervous system reacting, 2. our skeletal system reacting or 3. our muscular system reacting.  75% of Dr Oz’s audience said #1, and they are correct!  Goose bumps are a nervous system response.  When a stimulus comes into our body, our heart beast faster, our lungs work harder, we sweat, and our muscles holding our hairs contract and force the skin up which creates goosebumps.

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