Women Over 40 with High FSH & Diet Pills

Women Over 40 Diet Pills

Dr Oz has mentioned a variety of ways for women over 40 to lose weight – eat a healthy diet full of fresh fruit, vegetables, lean proteins and whole grains.  Plus, of course, you must exercise to lose weight.  But what about diet pills?  Can diet pills work?  Are diet pills safe?  The answer is both yes and no.  Some diet pills might work for some people, while they would not work for others (and could even be dangerous or life-threatening to them).  So at the end of the day, if you want diet pills, the best option is to go speak with your doctor to see what he recommends for you personally.  After all, nobody knows your health better than yourself and your doctor (at least in theory!).

Women Over 40 with High FSH

Are you a woman over 40 who wants to conceive a child?  If so, perhaps you are searching for women over 40 with high FSH… what can you do?  If your FSH is high, it can make it difficult to get pregnant.  But more and more women are waiting until later in life to get pregnant.  I suppose this is because they are putting their careers and education first, which is a noble thing!  However, I personally would like to see society begin to cater to women so that women can feel comfortable having a baby and a family earlier in life, and then explore a big career later in life.  Unfortunately, these days it seems like if you are out of the workforce for any meaningful amount of time, it becomes very difficult to find a good job or to re-launch your career.  What do you think?  Of course there are treatments that can help women get pregnant when they are over 40, but it becomes more risky for both the women and the babies.



  1. Lisa says

    I got this off another site.
    Flax seed is very often recommended as a phytoestrogen supplement to alleviate menopause symptoms, so I took a close look at flax oil. The lignans from flax seed hulls contain low-strenth phytoestrogens that have actually been shown in clinical trials to work against breast cancer. I found a flax oil that contains the lignans – Barlean’s Organic Flaxseed Oil (there are others on the market, but Barleans is what I can buy here.) This mixture has worked so well, that while at first I was using it several times a day, within 2 months I was using it at most once or twice a week.

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