Dr Oz: Antioxidants Cause Cancer? Dr David Agus’ Fountain of Youth


Do Antioxidants Cause Cancer?

We have heard over and over that antioxidants help fight off cancer, but Dr. David Agus, author of the book The End of Illness, believes that when taken in pill form, antioxidants can actually cause cancer. He believes the term has been created for marketing purposes and points to data that supports his opinion.

Dr Oz: Antioxidant Pills Remove Free Radicals?

Most often antioxidants are discussed in pill form. Dr. Oz explained that our body has free radicals, which are weapons used to fight off things like bacteria. They come from good and bad sources. The good ones are actually made by our body, but there are others that come from the outside environment like pollutants, sun exposure, smoking, and environmental toxins. Antioxidants will enter your body and pick up a bunch of free radicals and remove them from your body without differentiating between which are from the good sources and which are from the bad sources. Dr. Agus is worried that those antioxidants will take all of the free radicals leaving our bodies with nothing left to protect us from the things we need to fight off on a daily basis. Dr. Oz says ideally we want to have enough of the good free radicals, but not too many, to still protect us from harm.

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