Dr Oz: Glynis McCants Numerology Blueprint & How To Find Life Number


Dr Oz Numerology & Life Numbers

When you think about the picture of your health, there are probably a lot of numbers involved. But beyond the blood pressure readings, weight and other numbers are more basic stats, like your birthday. Do you believe this could be telling you something about your health?

Numerologist Glynis McCants wanted to teach Dr Oz and us how to calculate our Personal Number, which starts with your birthday. This can apparently tell you about your health and life outlook.

Glynis McCants: What is Numerology?

Dr Oz: Glynis McCants Numerology Blueprint & How To Find Life Number

Dr Oz talked with numerologist Glynis McCants, who taught how to calculate your life number & what it means for your numerology blueprint.


  1. Newk says

    If your number is 10, 11, 13 etc…… Just add 1+0 (for the resut if 10)… Or 1+2 (for the result if 12)

  2. Penny says

    I am a Number 6 as well Dr. Oz. She was right on with the weight. I have a good
    sense of humor and the jobs I enjoyed the most had me in charge. I was a sole
    flight attendant to 50 people for 2 years out of three years as a Flight
    Attendant. The first year I was 1 of 5 on a Air Bus. I enjoyed being a sole Flight
    Attendant to 50 so much more. Again, she was right on. Very interesting.

  3. Curt says

    I’m not one to readily beliveve this numerology stuff, but I think i’ll have to check it out further.. I may even buy the book. I watched the show yesterday. My wife did not. I told her about the numerology segment. She said, “You won’t believe what just happened. Our granddaughter, off at college, was drying her clothes. Her clothes were dry, but she had 20 minutes remaining on the machine. She called to ask if she should remove her clothes or continue drying them in order to get her full money’s worth”. When it comes to money, our granddaughter focuses on the bottom line. Having not yet learned the value of tact, she is often brash and direct, sometimes to the point of being abrasive. Born June 7, 1993, she is an 8. My wife of 40 years still has magnetic eyes and smile. She is a retired teacher and school administrator. With her always needing to be heard, I for years fondly would pantomime the Archie Bunker routine of hanging myself in order for her to end her conversations. Selective hearing now is an art and an asset. My wife, by the way is a 3. I am the balanced one in the family, looking at everything from all angles and always seeking compromise, sometimes studying things to the point of paralysis. Although I try to be poker-faced, I care deeply and attempt to be good at those things in which I am involved whether it’s work or athletics. Not easily angered, I do have a boiling point. I would rather avoid a fight, but once I’m engaged, I am a tough, calculating competitor. I am a 2.

  4. says

    I will be glad to help any questions here if the moderators could allow me to post. I am not trying to self promote myself. I am trying to be of help to those who are interested. I am a 29/11, and I am a good teacher too.

  5. says

    Hi Everyone. I did watch the show tonight. I liked the segment. I am a numerologist like Glynis is. I can help anyone calculate their life path using their birthdate numbers. 10/23/1945= 25= 2+5=7 This person has a 7 lifepath. Analytical, but can be a second guesser too. Follow me @bsk11 on Twitter, or on facebook.

  6. says

    @curt. You have a good understanding of the basis of this. What is your full birthday. I think you may be an 11 also, but I will know more when i hear the exact date.

  7. says

    I am from a very large family! All the numbers fit all my siblings – but the number 1 does not fit my Mother who adds up to be a number 1. She does not put her self first in anything and she does not have shoulder and knee pain. 🙁 Her birthday is January 20 1933 or 1+20+1933 =19
    1+9=10 and 1+0=1

  8. says

    Thank you so much, it was very helpfull I understand it much better now. I also did my sster wish was 9-11-1957 and you are righ on the money she had her 2 breast remove because of cancer. thank you Maria

  9. Curt says

    You’re correct. With a birthdate of 10 16 1947, I am a 29 or 11 or 2. I heard Glynis mention that there was something unique about 29’s/11’s, but I have no clue as to what that might be.


  10. Andrea says

    Hi I recently seen the Dr Oz show about life numbers. My birthday is 7/19/1982 and I came out with a 10 so that means Im a 1. What were the details of the life number 1, I missed that part of the segiment.


  11. says

    This is from the article above: “Dr Oz said he has a lot of 1s in his life. They like to put themselves first in every life situation, Glynis said. She said they also have shoulder or knee pain, recommending yoga for them.”

  12. angie says

    Did anyone get the health solutions/ailments for #2 and no. 6, which was Dr. Oz.
    FYI: No. 8 feels better by taking joy in the moment – silliness, laugh, dancing, crazy music.

  13. Mary says

    My lifepath , 2-25-1949, comes out to be a five, but I am definitely a four. My attitude number is 9; but I am closer to a 4….what gives?

  14. Belinda says

    All she talked about with the 2s is that they love deeply, big hearted and caring. I am a 9. 🙂

  15. michelle says

    I’m disappointed that she didn’t go into 1’s a little more likw she did the other numbers.

  16. Debbie says

    I am not understanding the different vibrations matching the numbers. On one it says compatible, on another natural and another challenge. I’m matching my daughter and her new boyfriend. 3/6 8/8 2/6 3/9 5/9 7/2

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