Dr Oz & Kirstie Alley: Cocaine Addiction, Yo-Yo Dieting & Metabolism


Doctor Oz & Kirstie Alley

You know her from countless TV and movie roles over the last few decades. But Dr Oz said her weight battle has made as many headlines as her performances, if not more. he speculated that she might be “the most famous yo-yo dieter” in America. Other than Oprah, presumably.

Dr Oz had a weird collection of Kirstie Alley photos, and all I can think about is how she was so proud of being huge and getting to eat whatever she wanted. I’m not sure I would have the willpower to gain and lose the weight like this, over and over again.

Dr Oz: Kirstie Alley Yo-Yo Diet

After hitting a size 6 in 2011, the rumor mill is speculating that she’s gained the weight back. But she came out from backstage in an ill-fitting black dress to reveal that she’s still in decent shape. She calls her weight loss journey “a hot mess,” and claims that she didn’t intentionally start gaining weight until 2004, in her early 50s.


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