Dr Oz: Montmorency Tart Cherry Juice Review – Natural Melatonin Source


Dr Oz: Miracle Juice Ends Insomnia

Dr. Oz has already shared his Miracle Coconut Oil Fat that fights fat in your body, as well as his Miracle Chia Seed that will curb your cravings, but now let’s move on to an issue that so many people can related to, and that is getting better sleep at night. Only recently has this particular Miracle juice been found to have powerful benefits in helping people to sleep, making it a must for Doctor Oz’s list of 5 Miracle Cures. Read Dr Oz’s Montmorency Tart Cherry Juice review.

Dr Oz: Tart Cherry Juice Has Melatonin to Help Sleep

You may have enjoyed tart cherries in a pie or on an ice cream sundae, or maybe you just like eating them fresh from a bowl. Now you might want to start looking for them in the form of Tart Cherry Juice in the aisle of your supermarket. Recent studies have shown that the perfect amount of melatonin found naturally in Tart Cherry Juice could be the key to you getting a good night’s sleep. Dr. Oz says it just might the Miracle to end your insomnia.

Dr Oz: Tart Cherry Juice vs Sleeping Pill

Dr. Mike Dow, author of the book Diet Rehab, says the secret to why Tart Cherry Juice could be the Miracle to getting better sleep is because it has melatonin, which is important to getting on a good sleep regimen every night. He adds that those prescription sleeping pills that so many people turn to can be addictive, which is not the case with Tart Cherry Juice, so making the switch could be much better for you in the long term.

Dr Oz: Montmorency Tart Cherry Juice Review

  • Tart Cherry Juice has just enough melatonin to keep you asleep without leaving you feeling groggy the next day.
  • Tart Cherries, found in Tart Cherry Juice, are a healthy fruit that contains carbohydrates. Those carbohydrates release serotonin (the “happy” hormone in the brain), which helps you to be more relaxed and less anxious when trying to fall asleep at night.
  • Drinking Tart Cherry Juice will become a part of your bedtime ritual, which will send a message to the brain signaling that it is time to go to bed, and ultimately keep you asleep all night.

What’s the Best Way to Take Tart Cherry Juice?

Dr Oz: Montmorency Tart Cherry Juice Review - Natural Melatonin Source

Dr. Mike Dow says that Tart Cherry Juice is a much safer option than a melatonin supplement to help with insomnia.


  1. says

    Help! I Fell in Love with tart cherry juice for menopausal aches and insomnia but got my period after five months without one. I have read that melatonin can delay or even reverse menopause (which I really don’t want to do) but now I’m afraid to continue with the tart cherry juice! My doctor has never heard of tart cherry juice – sigh. Do you think the amount of melatonin in one glass daily of cherry juice could cause a delayed menopause? I really don’t want to give it up!! Any help would be appreciated- thank you! Jean

  2. Jean says

    I took the cherry tart for 3 nights whereby I slept well. Then I came out in very bad exzma. I stopped the cherry tart but the rash has not gone. I am on a natural thyroxine and think this has something to do with it.
    I am so upset because now not only can I not sleep I have a painful itch all night.
    What can I do????

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