Dr Oz & Andrew Weil Essentials: DMSO, Eucalyptus Oil & 150 mg Iodine


Dr Oz: Valerian Sleep Aid

Today on The Dr. Oz Show there is an exciting first that is about to happen. Not only is Dr. Andrew Weil, one of the most well known integrative medicine doctors in the world, coming back to the show, but for the first time ever he is taking everyone behind closed doors and into his home to share Dr. Weil’s 5 Essentials You Need Now. He says there are five new health must-haves that he cannot live without and that you need to have for yourself right now and he is ready to share them with everyone. Dr. Weil says they can slow your aging, keep you from ever getting sick, and align your mind and body and he promises if you use these same tools that he uses every day you will see a change almost immediately, including DMSO and Iodine.

Dr Andrew Weil: Our Body’s Ability to Heal

While you may have heard or read much of the advice that Dr Andrew Weil has to offer, I am pretty sure that you have never actually walked into his home, but today that is where he welcomed Dr. Oz as he shared some his most important essentials from the ones he keeps in his refrigerator to the ones next to his bathtub. He is a leader in holistic medicine and an integrative approach when it comes to treating patients and he believes that a lot of people underestimate the body’s ability to heal itself because they often want a quick fix for what is bothering them. Dr. Weil says that it often just takes a few lifestyle changes to improve your health and overall well-being rather than a prescription drug or technological advancement.

Dr. Weil’s Kitchen Essentials: Wasabi & Kelp Noodles

The kitchen is the heart of Dr. Weil’s home and some of the essentials in his fridge include: lots of spices, vanilla extract, hot sauce, real wasabi, and kelp noodles.

Dr. Weil’s Bedroom Essentials: Valerian Sleep Aid

Dr. Weil says that getting good sleep is essential and key to good health so he has things of beauty in his bedroom and he sleeps in total darkness. Dr. Weil says his dog even likes his bedroom and sleeps in his bed with him at night. While he says he sleeps well most of the time, he keeps Valerian in his nightstand because it is a safe and natural sleep aid.

Dr. Weil’s Bathroom Essentials: DMSO & Eucalyptus Oil Review

Dr Oz & Andrew Weil Bedroom Essentials: Valerian & DMSO

Dr. Andrew Weil says that he sleeps really well, but just in case he needs a little help he keeps Valerian in his nightstand drawer because it is a safe and effective sleep aid.


  1. Sandra Gottwald says

    Hi Dr Weil, first of all I want to thank you for saving my life. In 1997 I had non hodgkins lymphoma small cleaved folicullar type. I bought your book and did the vit c e and selenium along with my chemo which I did not want to do and juicing everyday. I was suppose to have 6 treatments when we were done 6, doc said gee you ‘re doing so well. I would not tell him as he was against any form of alternative meds. youre doing so well lets do another treatment.. 7 then 8 all way to 10. I must add that I have long hair almost to wasteline and hardly lost any. I would do chemo every 3 weeks Mondays and at work on Tuesday.. some nausea but got through it. to this day my oncologist still does not know why I did so well.

    My current issue is I have a superficial basal cell carcinoma on tip of nose, I am red head and mom died of melamona in her eye she was half indian black hair but blue eye her dad was scottish her mom 100% mohawk. . My dad still living has basal cell few times now..he is fair red head as am I.. I am using Vit C direct on skin but would like to use a carrier oil to get it deep within all layers of skin. I have been reading about DMSO but soooo nervous can you shed any light what you think I could use to get it deep within, I am suppose to have Mohs cause of parents history but those photos on net are soooo scarey gapping holes etc.. as I mentioned it superficial at moment. Mohs is in 2 months meanwhile want to keep doing something to help my self. Can you suggest anything Aloe Vera with Vit C or???

  2. Patty says

    I believe the iodine recommendation is 150 mcg not 150 mg. That’s quite a difference and should be corrected.

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