Dr Oz Ultimate Shopping List for Drugstores: Ginger Chews & Epsom Salt


Dr Oz Ultimate Shopping List: Drugstores

One of the things I dread most about shopping, especially food shopping, is sitting down and writing a list of what I need. Today Dr. Oz has done that for me with his Ultimate Shopping List. He outlined items we should all buy at the health food store as well as several at the grocery store, some specific to blasting away fat. What might be my favorites, though, are the packaged foods that he shared because every now and then we all need something convenient to grab, but we still want it to be healthy. Doctor Oz made sure that list contained foods that were high in fiber and protein, while be quick and easy to prepare.

Dr Oz’s Drugstore Must-Haves

Dr Oz Ultimate Shopping List for Drugstores: Ginger Chews & Epsom Salt

Dr. Oz Ginger Chews offer the dual benefits of easing indigestion as well as curbing your appetite.


  1. Bonnie Cannon says

    The only place I can find Ginger Chews is on line and unless you place a minimum order you have to pay shipping which cost more then the product. Walgreens, Rite Aide, Walmart and M
    Meijers do not carry this product in Michigan. Thanks for the info. Im gonna try ginger tea!
    Dissapointed in Michigan!!

  2. Flea Dip says

    I found them at Whole Foods grocery. My problem is they have a lot of sugar, although it is cane sugar. It hardly seems to be a good appetite supressant if it it so high in sugar,

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