Dr Phil: Suicide Victim’s Mother Cyberbullied By Stranger’s Visions


Dr Phil: Suicide Victim’s Mother Cyberbullied

Cyberbullying has gotten more attention in recent years as schoolyard taunts and feuds have moved into the digital space. Tricia is a woman who knows this painfully well, because her 12-year-old daughter Becca (formally Rebecca Ann) committed suicide after being cyberbullied in 2013. Tricia’s grieving has been persistently interrupted by a stranger also named Rebecca Ann, who claims that Tricia’s daughter Summer killed Becca, and that Tricia was part of the coverup.


  1. says

    I can NOT believe the pure, unmitigated EVIL GALL of that idiot who is publishing things that are NOT TRUE and ARE TOTAL FIGMENTS OF HER IMAGINATION! That lowlife moron is the walking, two legged PURE face of EVIL!

    I hope the family not only takes her butt to court, but WINS BIG!

  2. Jeff Conduff says

    Dr. Phil,

    I would like to thank you for bringing this hidden, cruel, and cowardly monster out of her hiding place behind her computer screen to be exposed for the pathetic, cowardly, ignorant, abusive, and apparently mentally disturbed creature that she is for all the public to see.

    My heart goes out to the that young girl and her mother. All of my child protecting anger goes out to that pathetically deranged woman for what she is doing by attacking a child like she is!

    Thank you and God for their attorney being there with them during this. I love the way he was able to sit there and listen to all of the solid evidence that self diluted idiot foolishly and freely submitted to you and the show! I am sure you are helping these poor people from day one and through this whole show. Bravo!!!
    You were WAY more tolerable and easy on that woman throughout the entire show!

    PLEASE keep track of this case and let all of us know how justice is delivered to her for this horrible bullying and harm. The world needs such examples. There are not enough. It must stop! This government needs to make these such acts a felony! The Internet is a criminal’s heaven and a wicked and lawless place!!!!

    God Bless
    Jeff Conduff

  3. Keitha Scarfo says

    I say we start a web site to shut her down and expose here for the crazy person she is!

  4. Jill Vaughan says

    My heart is breaking for Becca’s Mom and sister. The cruelty of that person is staggering! To have to accept, deal with, cope and heal from the unimaginable tragedy of losing your child, I’m at a loss to figure how this Mom can even string two words together in the face of what’s happening to her. What that woman is doing is the very definition of cyber bullying. Glad Dr. Phil unloaded on her with his very carefully chosen words. Unfortunately his assessment seems to have fallen on her deaf (and dumb) ears and none of what anyone had to say appeared to have had any impact whatsoever. Shame, shame, shame! Particularly enjoyed final words to Mom’s counsel about taking advantage of EVERY legal remedy to put the brakes on that idiot. V interested to follow this story and look forward to seeing her held to account for her behavior

  5. DKL says

    What a shame that there has to be such cruel people in this world. Obviously this woman thinks she knows more than the police and the medical examiner. I did read in an article that this young girl did text someone saying that she had decided to jump. Tho this woman says this girl never mentioned this form of suicide. That alone shows this woman has not a clue! My thoughts and prayers are with the family.

  6. Danni Rekeweg says

    How utterly evil this woman is ! She needs to butt out of the familys life.How dare she intrude on their lives with her assinine Asumptions based on what…”we share the same name…”?She is about 50 cards short of a full deck.
    Facebook needs to shut her down, because SHE is the one cyber bullying.
    I am just outraged at her evil behaviour.
    My heart goes out to Beccas Mother, Fathet and Sister.

  7. Heather says

    Dr Phil,
    Thank you for putting that crazy woman on the screen. It is such a crying shame that any family has to lose one of their children, and to have this woman stalking them is just cruel. My heart goes out to Tricia and her family. I hope justice puts Rebecca (from the show) in her place.
    God Bless

  8. Skye says

    My mother and I just finished watching the show. I’m a 17 year old girl, who has gone through most types of bullying, and I would just like to say that I am thoroughly disgusted by Rebecca Anne’s actions against Tricia and her family.

    Have you no sense of moral decency, or respect for the dead? That little girl who you supposedly had a connection with at the time of her death (you need help, by the way, solid mental help,) would be absolutely devastated by what you’re doing. You have literally taken what killed her (cyber bullying,) and used it to make yourself bigger.

    I love how Tricia’s lawyer was sitting there, hearing and watching everything you said. He has now compiled a plethora of solid evidence (which would fly right over your head,) against you. You will get sent to court for harassment and slander, and I hope you pay big. I hope you pay every sent you own, and all of that money goes to Tricia’s new foundation.

    As for the family, I am so sorry you’ve been plagued by this lunatics ranting and raving, and I wish you get the chance to grieve properly. Loosing a loved one is almost insurmountable on its own, without all the added bulls—. Stay strong, lovelies, and kick that phsychotic b—-es ass.

  9. Kristine Weisbrod says

    It is disgusting to see what this woman is visiting upon this grieving family. Sickness is too small a word to sum up why she’s doing it. There has got to be some kind of horrific trauma she herself endured to have the absolutely screwed up perspective she is taking. Is this some new kind of Munchausen-by-proxy disorder whereby one can focus extreme attention on oneself by slandering a family in pain? I hope the lawyer does follow through with legal remedies to stop this woman, and may it include a full psychiatric evaluation for her own sake.

  10. says

    All these comments about this crazy woman. What if she isn’t wrong? She sounds crazy but she truly believes there is a misjustice. Why would an investigation be so op
    posed to if there is nothing to hide. Prove her wrong, that’s what makes me crazy, fight for what you believe to be true. People are delusional if they think family wouldn’t do this to each other and than try to hide it. It is despicable what people will do to each other, that’s what this world is unfortunately coming to. People do not take responsibility for their actions and there is no accountability. That is why there are so many frivolous lawsuits that are filed and unfortunately won, reinforcing this attitude. It is a sad but true fact that over 50% of crimes are committed by family or family friends.

  11. Jill Vaughan says

    Bonnie, have YOU lost your mind? Do have kids? Put yourself in that Mom’s shoes … police investigation? Done. ME’s report? Done. And this mental case has a “vision”; a “feeling”. If there was ANY evidence of wrongdoing on the part of the police and/or medical examiner, do you not think the case would have been reopened by now? If there was any merit to her charges, they would have come to light since original investigation. As for the fact that over 50% crimes are committed by family? Completely true. But in this case, that has been ruled out. Even when the father was interviewed by phone, he sounded as if even HE thought this woman was nuts. Give yourself a shake, Bonnie. The unending suffering this family is experiencing is only amplified by baseless accusations coming from someone who has absolutely NO business being involved. She can have her opinion but assembling a mob to support and continue to harass this family is unconscionable!

  12. says

    Bonnie may be part of her lunatic posse so relax. Don’t buy into her ision…?

    My 18 year old son committed suicide in 1987 and he was bullied. I have been through it all and I never assume things about others. People react differently to situations. My son seemed fine the night before he shot himself as he had made up his mind that his pain was over. I was in shock for weeks afterwards and I do not know how people viewed me and I do not care. I walked around like a robot and did what had to be done and took care of others.

    This so called Rebecca Ann with the loathsome Facebook site (accusing someone she does not know of murder) must attract followers who think they have Mystic Powers. DISGUSTING PEOPLE!

  13. gigi hart says

    This woman has gotten worse since the show. She is constantly making up one lie after another. She is now saying that Dr. Phil made everyone hate her, so she’s going to sue him. She also claims she is having his show taken off the air. I never in my wildest dreams imagined there were people this evil.

  14. Mary Jo says

    Yeah, let’s just waste even more taxpayer money investigating an open-and-shut case because some crazy person had a vision. Seriously??! She already HAS been proven wrong! Do you seriously think that if there was even a shred of evidence that a 12-year-old girl was murdered that the police would ignore it?? You talk about “frivolous lawsuits” and yet you are wanting a “frivolous” re-opening of a case on the say-so of a delusional person that is just looking for attention.

  15. Maryann Shaw says

    Is there any update on this story? I would like to know if the bully was prosecuted or at least sued!

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