Top 5 Talk Shows: July 23 2012


Talk Show Highlights: July 23 2012

From medical advice to outdoor recipes, there was plenty to keep viewers busy on July 23 2012 talk shows. If you missed any favorites, here’s your chance to catch up. Find out why you should consider a Chiropractor for chronic pain. Then learn to make a Grilled Chicken recipe with Avocado Salsa, and get more information from the July 23 2012 talk shows.

The Doctors: Are You Afraid of the Chiropractor?

Much like dentists, Chiropractors have issues with public perception when it comes to their practice. The cracking noises associated with spinal adjustments are probably frightening, but in these modern times that’s not always how it goes. The Doctors learned about how Chiropractors take an alternative approach, treating the underlying condition instead of just the symptoms.


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