The Chew on Dr Oz: Soda Ban & 2 Cheeseburger Orange Soda Hangover Cure


Dr Oz: Daphne Oz The Chew

Dr Oz has had his wife, Lisa Oz, on the show in the past. He’s also talked about his family, but did you know that his daughter, Daphne Oz, is a TV star in her own right? She is one of the co-hosts on the foodie talk show The Chew, airing weekday afternoons on ABC. Daphne Oz and the cast let Dr Oz’s crew behind the scenes for an inside look at their show.

Dr Oz: The Chew Interview

Each day, a handful of co-hosts crams a variety of recipes and humor into an hour that makes lunchtime fun (unless you’re hungry). Daphne’s cast of co-hosts includes Chef Mario Batali, Iron Chef Michael Symon, Top Chef Carla Hall, and the stylish Clinton Kelly.

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