Dr Oz: 30/30 Smoothie, HGH, Fenugreek & Live Longer Secrets


Dr Oz: Best Of The Best

Dr Oz’s Best Of The Best Show gathered the nation’s best authorities to help all of us learn how to improve our health by living longer and looking younger.  Doctor Oz gathered 20 top experts that many of us have heard of before on the radio, TV, and from best selling books.  Dr Oz’s first segment covered 6 Secrets To Live Longer.

Dr Oz: HGH & Fenugreek

Dr Maoshing Ni, an Eastern Medicine Doctor, told Dr Oz that you need to protect your core muscles in order to speed up your metabolism so that you can lose weight.  HGH (Human Growth Hormone) decreases as you age, but it is vital to help our body stay young.  Dr Ni said that you can get HGH injections, or you can increase the HGH levels in your body naturally by stimulating it.  Studies have proven that exercise stimulates HGH, but what kind of exercise?  Dr Ni suggested doing a half squat, kind of like you are sitting on a bar stool, in order to stimulate the quads and hamstrings in your body.  This will prompt your body to produce more HGH to keep you looking young and beautiful.  So next time you are watching television (like the Dr Oz Show), try to hold the “squat” position for as long as you can.

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