Dr Oz: Best Time to Cheat On A Diet


Doctor Oz did a segment on the Best Time of Day To Do Anything!  When is the best time to cheat on your diet? When is the best time to schedule surgery?  When is the best time to avoid dying?  When is the best time to avoid heart attacks?  Dr Oz answered all of these important questions!  There is an actual science behind how all of these work, and they can dramatically improve your health.  Internal clocks or Chronobiology is crucial to understanding our bodies.  Did you ever wonder why more babies are born in the middle of the night?  Or why there are more car accidents at 2 pm?  Well, in the middle of the night, you are most relaxed, which makes it a great time to give birth.  From your pain threshold to the viscosity of your blood to your body temperature to your lung capacity, all of these differ throughout the day. the Best Time of the Day To Cheat on Your Diet

Best Time of Day to Cheat On A Diet

Dr Oz said that at certain times of the day, eating our favorite foods can cause less harm to our bodies.  So when is it best to splurge on carbs, sugar, fat and alcohol?  10 AM, 1 PM, 2 PM or 5 PM?

Best Time to Drink Alcohol

Dr Oz said the best time to drink alcoholic beverages is at 5 pm.  In high doses (more than 1 glass for a woman), alcohol acts as a depressant, but in small doses, it is a stimulant and will keep you from sleeping.  So if you have a drink at 5 pm, you can metabolize it and fall asleep on time.

Best Time to Eat Fat

Dr Oz said the best time to cheat on a diet by eating fat is at 10 am, because fat acts as a source of energy.  So if you eat fat earlier in the day, you will give your body all day long to digest it.

Best Time to Eat Sugar

Dr Oz said that the best time to eat sugar is at 2 pm, when you need a pick-me-up from your post lunch dip.  Chocolate has some caffeine in it to get you through the afternoon.

Best Time to Eat Carbs

Dr Oz said that the best time to eat carbs is at 1 pm, because it increases your level of serotonin, the feel good hormone.  So have pizza for lunch, but skip it for dinner.

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