Dr Oz: Jeans Cheat: How To Look Like You Dropped a Jean Size

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Dr Oz: Jeans Cheat: How To Look Like You Dropped a Jean Size

By on February 3, 2012

Dr Oz: How To Look Like You Dropped a Jeans Size

Do you avoid jeans because they make you look fat? The problem isn’t you, it’s your jeans. You can choose the right fit and immediately look as though you lost 10 lbs. (Seriously!) On today’s episode, Dr Oz introduced Celebrity Stylist, June Ambrose, to fit 4 women with the proper jeans to make them look thinner.

Dr Oz: Blue Jeans

June stated that it was all about the right proportion scale when it came to jeans.

Dr Oz Jeans Cheat

Dr Oz Jeans Cheat

Many women were buying jeans too small, thinking it was going to make them look thinner. In actuality, it’s just squeezing them in and making them look even bigger.

Dr Oz: Dark Jeans

The first model was wearing the wrong color and size. She had gapping in back, which added bulk and weight to the body.

The model came out in a new pair of jeans that looked MUCH better. June put her in the right sized jean that had no contrast stitching or pockets in the front, which coincidentally make you look much bigger. June also put the model in heels, which made her legs look longer and leaner.

Dr Oz: Dark Wash Bootcut Jeans

The second model came out in a faded and stained color jean. June noted that this color drew attention to the thigh area. June dressed her in a comfortable dark washed jean that had no pockets. The model stated she felt more confident and liked the way her hips and butt looked in the jeans. June says that the darker wash can take you from day to night in a snap and this color is a must have for all women.

The third model told Dr Oz that she didn’t’ wear jeans because they made her feel self-conscious. She was only 30 and hated the high rise because they looked like mom jeans. Unfortunately, the low rise accentuated the stomach area.

She came out in a darker wash and a boot cut. She looked much better. She was emotional as she described how she felt in her old jeans. In her new jeans, she loved the way her butt looked. She told Doctor Oz they went through 28 pairs until they found the right one. (Ladies, would you go through almost 30 pairs of jeans to find the right fit?)

Do you have a favorite pair of jeans? If so, leave me a comment and tell me why they’re you’re favorite.

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Comments to Dr Oz: Jeans Cheat: How To Look Like You Dropped a Jean Size

  1. would like name of designer of dark blue jeans 2/3/12. Thanks

  2. Please….please….please give the name of the designer and where one can purchase the jeans that made those women look and feel so much better. All dark colored, boot cut jeans don’t look like those the woman had on. Just any dark jean won’t due… They all appeared to be wearing jeans by the same designer? I’m sure a ton of women that saw this show want to know too.

  3. I usually buy Apt. 9 from Kohls because of the way they fit me. I don’t like to have a saggy butt look, which all of the other jeans I’ve bought always have that on me. I usually buy the hipster style in Apt. 9, some times straight legs or flares. I alo usually buy the darker style jeans for winter. In summer time, I like the lighter white wash jeans instead of darker ones.I never thought about the stitching issue. I’m normally thin, but the last 10 months I’ve gained about 50 lbs because of medical issues. My stomach and thighs look big. My legs are skinny.

    If you could help me I would deeply appreciate it. If you need to know my build, leg length, hip size whatever let me know. Size 12 – 14’s are what I normnally wear, depending on the jeans.

    Thank you so much.

  4. i would love to know the name of the jeans , please help. sv

  5. Jamie Huber says:

    Ok I am 20 years old and I am only 5 foot tall and I weigh about 200. I am not happy with my weight at all. I can never find the right pair of jeans whatsoever. I liked the jeans that was on the last model and I was wondering what are they and where can you find them. I am in need of good jeans that don’t make me look fat.

  6. Please let me know the name brand jeans that the models were wearing. I’m in need of jeans that fit in the right places,

  7. Pat Hopkins says:

    I would like to know the brand of jeans make you look 10 lbs lighter

  8. Savada Mcfarland says:

    Where can I buy the cheat jeans, dark wash boot cut jeans from your show on 2-3-12. I really love them. thanks DR. Oz I love your show, it has help me have a better life!

  9. I am not impressed with the jean comments by the fashion expert. All those women looked skinnier in their own jeans. Light gray tight shirts are not flattering on most women. Skinny jeans with small pockets may only good on your skinny fashion advisor. Please do a better job editing your show. I believe that women was moved to tears, because she looked worse. I feel bad because she was probably extemely embarrassed. Usually stripes make someone look worse, but that was horrible fashion advice.

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