Dr Oz: Extended Cycle Pill vs IUD vs Birth Control Pill: What’s Best?


Dr Oz: Birth Control Pill Benefits & Side Effects

Dr Oz did a show about Birth Control Preventing Cancer.  You read the studies that taking the birth control pill may prevent certain types of cancer, but you want to know which is the best pill to take for you and what are the side effects. Do other forms of contraception help prevent cancer as well? On today’s show, Dr Oz is joined by ObGyns, Dr. Carolyn Westhoff and Dr. Judith Wolf, to discuss the different forms of contraception and their side effects.

Dr Oz: The Pill Benefits

-effective method of birth control



  1. says

    I am a 43 yr old female, I have several physical problems-no periods since last Nov.Effects.
    I was early 8 yrs old startted. In the past I had Seizures until I had Surgery 2006-Because of Med-Toxic I take quite a bit. Problem Dilantin-I can ;t take supplements- I have extreme Constipation with OAB -can;t sleep-any advice-trouble-Tempature also!

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