Dr Oz: Symptoms of Milk Sensitivity & Does Milk Increase Cancer Risk?


Dr Oz: Is Milk Bad for Your Health?

Have you been told your whole life that milk is healthy for you? Today Dr. Oz talks to a controversial doctor who says it is actually a lie because he argues that milk does not grow strong bones, it increases inflammation, and may even raise your risk for cancer. Could milk really be dangerous to your health? Find out now!

Dr Oz: The Ultrasimple Diet Dr Mark Hyman

Dr. Mark Hyman, author of The Ultrasimple Diet, says we have all seen the health claims about milk, as well as other dairy products, but they simply are not true. He explains that often times people drink low-fat milk thinking it is better for them, but then they end up gaining weight. Dr. Hyman says this is because it is sugar that makes us gain weight, not fat.



  1. Iris Knoebl says

    Regarding your guest on today’s show who claims that certain hormones in milk, namely IGF1, will cause cancer cells to grow — how does he propose that IGF1, which is a peptide hormone, will survive the acidic conditions of the stomach?? And even if it could, bovine IGF1 is not likely to bind to the IGF1 receptors or binding proteins to cause cell growth. This is the kind of false science that misleads people who don’t have a basic understanding of biology. I am glad that you defended your consumption of dairy products. I have been drinking milk (not skim) since childhood and at the age of 59, I have the bone density of a much younger person, thanks, I am sure, to all of the calcium from milk. Those cultures that do not consume milk in adulthood (eg. Asian women) have a much higher incidence of osteoporosis. There must be some correlation, don’t you think?

  2. Anna says

    Hope Dr Oz has a show about sweaty hands and feet.Have a son since he was little had sweaty hand and feet,took him to diferent Dr’s they all say he was going to out grow the sweat..It hasen’t happend jet and his 30 yrs old.
    I would love to have the answer to this. Please healp.

    Thank you


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