Dr Oz: EPA vs DHA in Fish Oil & Who Should Avoid Omega 3 Fats?


Dr Oz: Who Should Avoid Omega 3 Fats

Recent headlines have questioned Omega 3 supplements heart benefits, but Dr Oz stands by his recommendation of these types of pills. He and Dr Tanya Edwards shared more information about proper use of Omega 3s.

Dr Edwards said she is still recommending that her patients take Omega 3s every day. But are they right for everyone? For the most part, the answer is yes. There are just two types of patients who should ask a doctor before starting a fish oil regimen, according to Dr Edwards.

Can People with Fish Allergy Take Omega 3 Supplements?

Dr Oz: Omega 3 Fish Vs Supplements & Fish Allergy Warning

Dr Oz and Dr Edwards discussed the health benefits of Omega 3s & fish allergy patients who shouldn’t take them; Omega 3 fish vs supplements.

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