Dr Oz: Just 10 Pounds Maintenance Plan: 5 Secrets to Keeping It Off


Dr Oz did a segment called “The 5 Secrets to Just 10: Keeping It Off” to teach us how to keep off the weight after we have lost it.  Doctor Oz brought back Dr Mike Roizen, Dr Ro Brock, Gunnar Peterson and Brad Lamm to give 5 secrets to maintaining your weight loss. Dr Oz Just 10 Lbs Maintenance

Dr Oz: You Will Only Eat Sitting Down At Kitchen Table

Dr Mike Roizen said that when you lose weight you are really excited because you have a goal, but 9 out of 10 people will gain back all of the weight, so you need the same excitement to keep off the weight.  Dr Roizen’s Just 10 Pounds tip was “You Will Not Eat Past 8 PM,” so now he has added to that “You Will Only Eat Sitting Down At The Kitchen Table.”  Dr Roizen added that you should only drink at the kitchen table too.  This rule will prevent you from doing mindless eating at night.

Dr Oz: You Will Only Eat Snacks With 3+ Grams of Fiber

Dr Ro’s original tip for the Just 10 Pounds plan was to not eat snacks bigger than your first.  Now she added that you can only eat snacks with 3 or more grams of fiber per serving.  Some great high fiber snacks include high fiber cereal, nuts, air popped popcorn and an apple.  You still cannot eat portions larger than your fist.

Dr Oz: You Will Do 10 Minutes of Cardio & 10 Minutes of Strength Training

Gunnar Peterson’s original tip was that you must move 10 minutes a day.  Now is the time to double down, so you will do 10 minutes of cardio and 10 minutes of strength training every day.  Gunnar said that the cardio shrinks you, while the strength training shapes you.

Dr Oz: You Will Enlist a Friend for Motivation

Brad Lamm’s piece of advice for the Just 10 Lbs plan was You Will Track Your Weight Daily, and his new advice for maintaining your weight lost is to enlist a friend for motivation.  If you are accountable to someone else, then you are more likely to stay on track.  Get a calendar and every day write your weight and your friend’s weight.  And most importantly, support each other and be honest.

Dr Oz: No Sugar in First 5 Ingredients

Dr Oz’s original weight loss commandment was You Will Not Drink Sugary Soda.  The new weight loss tip for maintaining your weight loss is to not eat any food where sugar is in the top five ingredients.

Dr Oz: Sugar’s Many Names

Dr Oz said that we should not be tricked by company’s who call sugar by another name.  Here are some common forms of sugar:


  1. Michael Csupak says

    The ten pound challange was easy, it is very doable. Down 20lbs, 200 from 220.
    The minus 500 calories aspect is very important in my view. Cheers; Miki

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