Dr Oz: Lisa Lampanelli Gastric Sleeve Surgery Weight Loss Results


Dr Oz: Lisa Lampanelli Emotional Eating

Comedian Lisa Lampanelli’s direct approach to humor has made her popular with audiences. She’s never been afraid to talk about her weight, and that’s still true now, after she and her husband went through gastric surgery together. She explained it all to Dr Oz. Learn about Lisa Lampanelli’s gastric sleeve story.

“My weight really influenced my career,” Lisa said, explaining that being heckled about her weight helped develop her style and career path.

Lisa Lampanelli Body Image

Dr Oz: Lisa Lampanelli Gastric Sleeve Surgery Weight Loss Results

Dr Oz got serious about comedian Lisa Lampanelli Gastric Sleeve surgery for weight loss. Why did she do it and will it affect her career?


  1. Jan says

    Dr Oz,
    I had a gastric bypass done in 2000 my weight at that time was 265.
    I did very well within a couple months I lost down to 175 lbs. And I
    maintained my weight for 11years. Then I had a Hysterectomy and
    I have been putting on weight ever since. I now weigh 225 lbs and
    very unhappy with my self. I feel like once again I have no control
    with my over eating. So apparently I have stretched my stomach
    out. Is there another procedure that I can have done like the gastric
    sleeve or etc.?

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