Dr Oz: Metabolism Checklist & Hormones & Fat-Free Food Slow Metabolism


Dr Oz: Fat-Free Foods Slow Your Metabolism

Dr. Oz is continuing his week of “Fat-Fighting Solutions” and he is ready to share what he has learned to help you rev up your metabolism slump! Are you ready to give your metabolism a boost and jump start your weight loss? Find out what important tests your doctor could be skipping that are the key to understanding your metabolism.

Dr Oz: Metabolism Slows With Age

Haylie Pomroy, a nutritionist, said she can help any woman get out of her metabolism slump all while eating the foods that she loves! Haylie believes that food is medicine and when taken properly it can unlock your fat-burning potential. Dr. Oz explained that when we were young our metabolism moved at a pretty rapid pace without a lot of effort, but as we get older hormones and bad habits begin to slow things down and losing weight becomes an uphill battle.


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